[feature request] Delayed session loading

  • Howdy. Opera (the chromium based one) has a neat feature which makes startup and loading of the first page much faster. When the browser starts, the tab bar is populated with the data from the session, but only the active tab's document is loaded. Only when the user selects another tab, does that tab's document load. This has an interesting number of benefits obviously, specially with big sessions: data is loaded on demand, less pages competing for bandwidth, plugins don't start and produce sound(!), less renderer processes (less memory and file descriptors used), and the whole browser just opens much faster. This means that the session then needs to save, besides the tab history, the last favicon, title and thumbnail. I hope you consider this, thank you !

  • Moderator

    Rather than lazy loading, I would much prefer a better caching so the tabs load instantly from last session and I reload them only if needed. Just like Presto Opera.


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