Keyboard Shortcuts for Tab-stacking etc.

  • Hello Vivaldi community,

    Since I use Vivaldi as my browser I do not miss FF or Chrome no more! Great job!

    Would it be possible to improve the keyboard navigation a little bit further?

    1. If I wonna tile TAB stacks I can use CTRL F7, but to create a stack I did not found any kind of key. The only way seems to be to drag and drop the open tabs on top of each other. Would be great to select the wanted Tabs via SHIFT and UP (in the window panel) and add a new short key like ... STRG SHIFT F7 to create a new TAB stack? After this I could use CTRL F7 in order to tile this stack.

    0_1544256825791_2018-12-08 09_12_05.png

    0_1544257046640_2018-12-08 09_16_18.png

    1. I use the "Schnellwahl" = fastview? all the time. Love this! But I cannot find a key to set the focus down in the window. And running with TAB all the long way makes me tired and I use the good old mouse...

    0_1544257216925_2018-12-08 09_19.png

    Would be great to have a short cut like F9 to Focus the regular window when switching between the panel and the window, to focus the website-preview-tile / rectangle.

    0_1544256664926_2018-12-08 08_55.png

    thanks a ton from Bonn


  • Moderator

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy Vivaldi Browser.
    F1 gives you access to Help Pages.

    As for your need, I suggest the Forum Category Feature-requests. Please, search before posting. In case there is the same request, vote for by clicking at the arrow up.

    Cheers from Rio.


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