End Current Tab Process Shortcut

  • TL;DR
    A shortcut to be able to end the process of the current tab and ideally reload it immediately.


    It would be very nice to have a shortcut equivalent to:

    1. Open Vivaldi's Task Manager (Shift + Esc)
    2. Locate current tab
    3. Click "End Process" button
    4. Force Page Reload

    Being a developer, I usually have multiple tabs opened with the same title, and I find myself ending the process of an unintended tab. Also if a tab hangs (e.g. javascript infinite loop) if I press Shift+Esc, Vivaldi's Task manager is not opened, so I have to change tabs and try again.

    It would be much handier to have a shortcut to kill the current tab's process (aka the Dead Crow of Death Screen) so I can reload the page (if the shortcut was able to force kill and force reload too would be the very best behavior.)

    What do you think?
    Thanks for reading!


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