Nuova Snapshot 2.2.1388.21

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Ed questa sembra l'ultima per questa settimana. A Friday update – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1388.21

    Problemi noti

    • Linux ARM 32-Bit package will be added at a later point in time.


    • [Regression][Mac] Crash on closing Vivaldi with open settings (VB-46874)
    • [Regression] Blank page in history week view (VB-46939)
    • [Regression] Invalid URL error on navigating from speed dial to websites in private windows (VB-46966)
    • [Regression] Often cannot print a webpage (VB-46547)
    • [Settings] Add description for “Minimize Active Tab” (VB-42972)
    • Updated translations


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