Option to Select a Word or Sentence without the Following Space

  • This can be set in WordPerfect. I'd like to be able to set it in Vivaldi.

  • It already exists. Vivaldi automatically selects by word when dragging, and does not select the following space. Double-click, then drag. To select just one word, double-click, then drag back to select one word without the space.

    Even easier to select several words without the space, is double-click the first, then single-click anywhere in the last.

    0_1544205046295_Text Selection.png

  • @LakeInHolland If you change to Linux, one of the multiplicity of benefits you'd enjoy is that by default all words in all programs, browsers & beyond, get selected sans-space. It's so refreshing after windoze.

  • @Pesala That may be so when dragging, Pesala, but I'm talking about clicking on a single word or sentence. The behaviour you describe is definitely not what I experience. Perhaps I must try reinterpreting what you write - it wouldn't be the first time I'd misunderstood what someone else had written!

    In fact it seems to be more or less random. If I click on 'definitely' above, my system selects the word and the space following it. I I click on, let me see, - Ah! I see what's happening: in the text in the right-hand box, mirroring what I'm typing in, it works if I confine mnyself to the last word of the line. Elsewhere, clicking on a word selects the word and the space following it. In this, the left-hand box, even that doesn't work. (I now see the r/h box is called the preview, though what point it has escapes me!)
    I see now that it also works on the last word in a sentence.

    Basically, what would be nice would be a simple double-click on e.g. account numbers w/o further punctuation, rather than having to select it 'manually'.

  • @Steffie I believe you Steffie. I'm not quite sure if WP runs under Linux, but I suppose I could find out! Thank you for your comment (same goes to Pesala - I have an idea I omitted that; if so, sorry!

  • @LakeInHolland It's not random at all.

    Just double-click the word and drag left.

    0_1544406091383_Select Word.png

    The last word is not followed by a space, that's why double-click selects it immediately. The rule applies to "double" in "double-click" because it is followed by a hyphen, not a space.

    See Select by Word and Smart Text Selection by Word (the same but with single-click instead of double-click to start the selection.

    There's a good reason why the default is to select the following space - for drag and drop of text to reorder words.

  • @LakeInHolland said in A way to set mouse to select a word or sentence without the space following it?:

    not quite sure if WP runs under Linux

    Well given it's an old windoze pgm i rather doubt it. That said, you could read some of the many links this DDG search revealed: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=run wordperfect in linux&t=vivaldi

    There's several excellent Office packages freely-available, & free, in Linux-land, all of which honour the standard sane word-selection behaviour i mentioned. For the 20+ years i used windoze its stupid selection policy annoyed the crap outta me, so it was a real relief to be freed of that once i crossed-over to Linux. FYI:




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