A Friday update – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1388.21

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    One last Snapshot before the weekend. Enjoy!

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  • it has been a very nice week

  • @iAN-CooG Oh yes! Does Vivaldi team still has time to decorate the Christmas tree? 🌲 ➡ 🎄

  • Big thank you for fixing: Often cannot print a webpage (VB-46547) 👍🏻

  • @Takaaki

    VB-46359, (Reload button on address bar does not change to (Stop Reload button) while the page is loading), has been fixed.
    Running snapshot 1388.21 on Windows 8.1 64bit.
    Thank you

  • Hi, does anyone knows how to change download path manually?

  • @kenedz Type it in Settings, Download, Download Location.

    Vote for Browse Buttons in Settings to make it easier to select.

  • You guys are amazing.

  • @pesala: it is not possible - still broken; i thought: is possible edit one of the prefs files (such as Preferences, via Notepad++) to change download location?

  • @kenedz Right. I had forgotten about that bug. That's the joy of using Snapshots.

  • I get frustrated and irritated by some peculiar and annoying inconsistencies with the browser. I cannot put my finger on them and, in the end, they are not critical just really, really disturbing and annoying!
    For example: I have organized my speed-dial in folders containing urls. I go to one of the folder tile and press the mouse middle button (wheel), then every url in the folder opens in a new background tab, i.e. the browser displays the correct behavior. After a while I press another speed-dial folder tile the same way: nothing happens, no url opens in the background as it should - if I want that, I have to use the context menu item "open all bookmarks"! I reload the speed-dial and still the same behavior, then I exit and re-open the browser and...by pressing the mouse middle button on the exact same - as before - folder tile everything works OK. Remark: there is no problem when the middle mouse button is clicked on a SINGLE url tile.
    I'm clicking a link in a page: it works OK but then I click on another one and...nothing, instead I find two or three sentences highlighted like they are selected. I'm clicking the left mouse button on an empty browser area to get rid of this selection and re-click on the link: everything OK!
    I'm opening a new page and it works just fine, then I'm opening a new page (not a link from the same page) and...I read "site cannot be reached, check internet connection" but then again in a split second the page loads like it should!
    Most of the times loading of the pages seems to be delayed, I have to wait for a couple of seconds before I can select text and even longer before a link is activated.
    This behavior is inconsistent: now it happens, now it doesn't - most of these inconsistencies are mouse related. I believe that every new customization ends-up affecting the mouse.

  • @nutcracker Have you tried Ctrl+Click instead of Middle-click?

    My MMB is useless anyway, but I had no problem at all using Ctrl+Click to open a speed dial folder of bookmarks in the background.

  • @pesala: Thanks for the suggestion but...I just hate using the keyboard for any reason, except for "life or death" situations! My sole purpose is to eliminate it completely, if possible. I use the mouse extensively and utilize every piece of software I can get my hands on, i.e. mouse button programming, profile switching, clipboard assignments etc., to simulate keyboard strokes. My first, and sometimes only, concern using a browser is mouse gestures and that's why I get frustrated every time they are broken, as it happens with almost every new Vivaldi version! Besides that, the other inconsistencies I mentioned are driving me mad - and, in addition to those, some sites (pages) just refuse to open!

  • @nutcracker Right-click on the Folder, Open All Bookmarks should work for you, then.

    0_1544227262933_Open All Bookmarks.png

  • @nutcracker Never experienced those inconsistencies you describe, you sure your mouse is ok and the middle-button is not broken somehow? Also if you get so frustrated and irritated by snapshots, which... are supposed to be broken and rough here and there, as they are -by definition- not intended for every day use but mainly for showing off new features, testing and bug reporting, maybe you should re-think using the Stable version of Vivaldi instead, which I believe has not those problems you describe.

  • @kenedz: I'm on a Mac, but in Vivaldi/Default/ there is a file called "Preferences". In this file there is the download path listed. With a search you directly find it and you may edit the string.

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    I'm this snapshot I'm noticing some unresponsiveness when using the dev tools, but only when docked to a page.

    Notably, just after a breakpoint is hit, the dev tools go unresponsive for a few seconds.

  • @Thot Thanks, solved. I had to add "default_directory":"C:\my_path" to "download" in my Preferences file. After clean installation of Vivaldi there was no such a variable. I think it is added after change its value.

  • Does anyone else experience lagginess during scrolling? Seems to happen with Smooth scrolling both enabled and disabled.

  • @killchain Not here, no.


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