Clicking on empty tab bar space does nothing?

  • If I have popup window from an add-on etc open, clicking on empty tab bar space does not close it as other browsers.
    Have to click on addon icon or dead space on webpage - is really annoying!

    Is this normal?


  • @leegb11 Can you provide a link to a site where this happens?

    Also tell us your Vivaldi version.

  • Hi

    Is not specific to site.

    If I click on Ublock Origin icon for example the popup window opens for it's option to disable. I then would click on the tab bar to close it as is easy to click that area.
    But doesn't do anything so have to click on Ublock icon again or find a dead space on the current webpage to close the window. Same for all addons with popup windows.
    Find it hard to get used to as Chrome etc, a click on the tab bar closes these.
    On Win 10 latest stable 2.1.1337.51 (Stable channel) (64-bit)


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