Option for Image Feeds

  • Hello,

    When Vivaldi asks you for an image for new tab or speed dial background, you have only two choices : images from built-in suggestion, or from dialog to get one from your hard drive. It would be interesting to add image feeds that means internet image bank where you get image (gif or not) automatically to your background according to your special own settings ; this idea is coming from add-ons, recently for example tabliss  ;

    • The background changes frequently, this can avoid to let it to become boring
    • You discover new horizons each time a new background appears, and as this is automaticaly selected, each time is a surprise
    • You don't need anymore to get Vivaldi settings each time to change background and find a new one

    Each image feeds, needs its special setting, but we can select some examples like the image feeds, like unsplash, interlift, giphy... ; the time between two backgrounds, the link to download the image, a slow moving slide animation...

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I'm not sure I would subscribe to an image feed myself, but having the chance to switch automatically between the images in a folder, for instance, would be very welcomed indeed...

  • For sure, this is a no-subscribing solution : I mean that when I use the example add-on, I never login anywhere.
    But you add an other image source that I also find interesting : Vivaldi has two of them. Probably the four solutions could take the idea of a general image source object that can be easily copy whereever we need to set image source.

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