Remove Panels or make it option just like Settings Tab

  • Opera was my favorite Browser before its changed its interface. Later when I saw Vivaldi for the first time, I got really excited. It is very extensively customizable and also holds the essence of Opera. But one things holds most of us, it is the placement of panels. They are good when you have ultra wide monitors, however, on medium and smaller resolutions, it just creates clutter and mess when you are downloading something etc.

    In my opinion the Panels be placed inside Tabs just like Settings can be done. Vivaldi sure will be a super browser, that will be fun to use.

    I think the essence of the Internet is to see it using all the screen space. So please put these panels in Tabs instead, of clutter on valuable screen real estate.

    Indeed Vivaldi is better at Tabs than others.

  • @aslam If you put the panel in a tab, it isn't visible all the time. Therefore you can as well hide the panel when it's not in use. The floating panel option will prevent the panel from resizing the open browser tab, which makes it even less intrusive. I don't really see your issue with panels… Bookmarks and History can already be viewed on a separate page if you so desire anyway.

  • @aslam The panels only have to be opened when you need them. Go to Settings, Downloads, and disable "Open Download Panel Automatically." Right-click on the Panel Toolbar to:

    • Hide any panel
    • Set any panel to "Separate Width"
    • Show all Toolbar controls for any panel.
    • Use the F4 shortcut to show/hide panels
    • Go to Settings, Panels for more options

  • Moderator

    For some of the panels you can open their equivalents in tabs:

    Window is basically the tab bar, which you can place wherever you want. The only panel that can't currently be opened in a tab in any way is the notes panel.


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