Accessibility: Add big overlay scroll Up/Down button on scroll-able list

  • Scroll Up/Down buttons inside scrollbar are too small to be easily access, especially on 4K resolution screen. Normally, user have to point precisely & click to activate 'em. This is an accessibility problem for elderly & user with shaky hand. Repeat scrolling with scrollwheel could also cause injury to fingers. Thus...

    My suggestions:

    1. Option to add big overlay round button at top & bottom of scroll-able list. It only cover the first/last entry partially, with opacity of 50% when not mouseover.

    2. Dragging item & hover over the buttons will scroll the list, similar to current behavior but with visible "active zone" (button). This should help user to move item around the list easier.

    3. Option to hover to activate both buttons, this is useful for continues scrolling without the need to press & holding down mouse button.



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