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  • I would like to set the tab behaviour in Vivaldi as to how I use it in chrome: clicking the left button on the mouse opens the page in the current tab, clicking the middle button on the mouse opens the page in a new tab.
    In vivaldi either process opens the page in a new tab. Is there any setting I can use to mimic the chrome behaviour?

  • @tomoz If the link target is "New Window" it will open in a new tab, otherwise it will open in the current tab. In that case, right-click, and use Open Link.

    • Left-click to open most links in the current tab, e.g. Recent posts/threads.
    • Middle-click or Ctrl+click to open links in a new background tab
    • Shift+click to open links in a new foreground tab
    • Mouse gestures can also be defined.

  • Pesala, thanks but it's not happening for me but I now think my description was incomplete. I am referring to clicking links on my bookmark bar.

    When I left click on such a link, it opens a new tab. When I left click your link in the post (recent), it does indeed reuse the current tab. How do I change the
    behaviour for bookmarks?

    Re mouse gestures, I loved these in the old opera times but forgot all about them after finally giving up on the abandoned version 12. I guess I should start using these again in Vivaldi 🙂

  • @tomoz See Settings, Bookmarks

    0_1544130089848_Open Bookmarks in New Tab.png

  • @Pesala

    Perfect , just wondering why I don't have the third option in your listing (Use "&" in Title...)?

  • @tomoz Probably because you're not using the latest Snapshot.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit build 17134.407 • Snapshot 2.2.1386.4 (64-bit)

  • Of course - I use the stable release - thanks for your help


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