Will we ever see vivaldi working properly with twitch?

  • Since I changed to this awesome browser 2 years ago, I always have issues with twitch.tv
    Either Dead Birds or lagging streams. since a couple of snapshot updates I have also huge latency in the streams.
    Where I have 3 seconds in chrome, I have up to 15seconds in vivaldi...

    It doesn't matter if I use a clean profile or not.

  • @Freeman79 There are a lot of previous threads about Twitch.tv, as you know.

    It seems to me that this is a site issue caused by bad browser detection. You could try using Developer Tools to change the user agent.

    You can fake the user agent by opening developers tools (F12); in the 3 vertical dots menu select Network conditions;
    User agent, uncheck Select Automatically, and then select "Chrome - Windows."


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