Accented characters do not work when you type

  • Hello I am attaching a print with my Vivaldi browser version. My problem is: when I type accented characters, they simply do not work. The error is not always constant: sometimes they work (just when the browser starts they work) but eventually just stop working with the time. My keyboard has the layout Portuguese (Brazil) with ABNT2 standard, and the characters work in all browsers and other programs. I look forward solutions, this is a great browser! [attachment=1276]Capturadetelade2015-06-02034649.png[/attachment] Attachments: [img][/img]

  • When you say that they 'just don't work', how exactly is that manifested? When you enter an accented character, nothing is inserted in the text field, or a different character is inserted, or something else? Are you at the same time able to paste the problematic characters in via right click copy from another programme and right click paste into Vivaldi? Are you able to paste for us here the exact accented characters you're talking about, so that we can test it?

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    same issue with a slight difference on gmail. it works only for first special char you input.
    workaround: copy all the á ç ã ô é à to notes and paste them. not suitable for people who need lots of "accented characters".

    debian wheezy 32bits - vivaldi-snapshot


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