Bookmarks - ARRRRRGH!

  • 1. Bookmark editing is so slow and awkward that it's almost a showstopper. With no way to manage sessions, having a deft way to manage bookmarks is a MUST. But everything is slow. And bookmark folders drop into other folders when they are wanted in root, whereupon it takes forever to get them back out. This functionality is almost unusable. 2. Bookmark bar - what's the point? I create a folder of related bookmarks in the bookmark bar folder, and it appears in the bar. Good. But I cannot open any of those bookmarks except in the current tab. Ctrl+click has no effect. There is NO right click menu for the item. All I can do is BEGIN with a new, empty tab, then load the bookmark into that. This works, but is needlessly awkward. Fixing this, and getting icons for extensions are both HIGH PRIORITY items for me.

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    Believe it or not, this highly fraught and extremely frustrating bookmark system is probably twice as good as it was a couple of months ago. Everyone hates it, but it is getting better.

  • Ah. OK. The trend is good. I can live with that. 🙂

    The problem is noted and being attended to. All's well.

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    Yes, there are some ugly bugs in bookmarkmanager, but the developers know about hese bugs and are working on it.

    Please, have some patience.

  • Glad to hear this is an issue. I'm a new user and find managing bookmarks completely wacky - when I move one folder up one level, the folder below it gets moved down a level!! It's basically become impossible for me to manage any bookmarks without ending up with unintended moves of other bookmarks. This seems worse with today's new version than with the last version.

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    The developers work on it.
    This TP4 is a Testing version, so if you are using it, you are testing.
    Testing means: test new features which may have more or less many bugs. 😉

  • Bookmarks, somebody got this right a long time ago with a bookmarks menu.
    Just go to bookmarks - shopping - amazon and bang the page loads in a new tab and the menu goes away.
    What is the deal with a bookmarks bar, or a speedial, or a graphic display of the page with only 4 icons per page, no need to reinvent the wheel, it's already invented, bookmarks menu, alphabetical order, folders inside folders, job done.
    Vivavdi seems extremely competent at actually displaying pages, but I don't understand how developers don't get what a bookmark menu should be. The new opera disaster made bookmarks a complete pain, please don't repeat the same mistakes.
    Looking forward to the return of the bookmarks menu!

  • I too would like to see the return of the classic Bookmarks menu. The bar and panel waste on-screen space and most other browsers (including Firefox, IE, and the "real" Opera 12.x) have a Bookmarks or Favorites menu available.

    Without a convenient Bookmarks menu I am unable to use Vivaldi as my main web browser yet.

  • Absolutely agree. Why do away with such a simple and practical way of doing things. Until they put a "Bookmarks" entry back into the menu bar I'd have a hard time making a complete switch from olde Opera. You would think it a pretty easy thing to implement.


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