New Window Should Be Maximized When It's Spawned From A Maximized Window.

  • Maximize Vivaldi. Right-click a tab and Move to New Window. The new window is not maximized. This is counter-intuitive. If this functionality is desired by some users, please add a checkbox in the settings, otherwise it should be changed to match the behavior mentioned below:

    If you right-click a bookmark on your bookmarks bar in a maximized window and select Open in New Window, that new window is maximized. (If the original window was not maximized, then the spawned window will be that same size.) This is how it should work.

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    @dracho Every method to spawn from a maximized window that I can think of, works to create a new maximized window. Dragging, context menu, ctrl+N, task bar, everything. Is your window truly maximized, or just dragged to the edges of the display?

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    @Ayespy For me it makes a window that is the size and position of a maximised one, but isn't actually maximised.

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    @LonM Ah. Good catch. Seems to be the same here.

  • With my visual style, the newly-spawned window is a whole title bar's width lower and moved shrunken a few pixels to the right.

    Screenshot after doing this 3 times:

    P.S. Screenshot may look a bit odd - I used ShareX to capture my whole 4-monitor desktop then I manually cropped out all but my primary screen. The initial window was definitely maximized though. (I also use DisplayFusion and I have a custom visual style via a patched uxtheme, but this should be irrelevant.)

  • Here, a tab from my 1200x1600 pixel maximised window is 1200x1598 pixels when detached.

    I see no benefit in another option in settings to alter the current behaviour as it is very easy to maximise the window, or to restore it if it were maximised.

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