Whole search query recalled instead of just the terms

  • Hey.

    The title might not be very descriptive, but here's a [probable] bug I've been seeing for quite some time. It affects recalling a previous search term.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open a new tab and enter a search query like g vivaldi (the search engine doesn't matter).
    2. Let's say you want to search with a slightly different query. Open another tab and try to recall the same query from history - start typing g vival and it should pop up; select it with the arrows to edit it.

    Expected result: g vivaldi should be inserted in the address field, so you can easily edit it to g vivaldi browser for example. The proper search URL should be constructed only after you submit the query.

    Actual result: Upon selecting g vivaldi from the dropdown, https://www.google.com/search?q=vivaldi is actually inserted into the address field (even though the address dropdown lists just g vivaldi), making it hard to see and/or edit the search terms.

    Is this known and/or expected? It has been in the last 5 or 10 snapshots and also in the stable. I can confirm it for Windows 10, but I suspect it's not platform-specific. If it's not known, I can submit it to the bug tracker.

    Mod edit: added
    Vivaldi version: 2.2.1387.4
    OS: Win 10

  • macOS user here and I can confirm that it happened. I used DuckDuckGo and Google, both resulted with what you described.

  • Reported as VB-46983.

  • Community Manager

    @killchain thanks for reporting this issue. It was tested internally and we couldn't reproduce it. Just in case are you using any extensions? If so which ones?

    Also if anyone else can reproduce this issue, please let us know.

  • Moderator

  • @gaelle Yes, I have quite a few enabled right now:

    Google Translate 2.0.7
    Reddit Enhancement Suite 5.12.8
    Tumblr Collage 1.4.9
    uBlock Origin 1.17.0
    Viewhance 1.0.9

    Just tried the same thing with no extensions (running vivaldi.exe --disable-extensions) and it's the same. It's also the same in a private window.

  • Community Manager

    @killchain thanks a mil for these insights. 🙂

  • I can confirm this too with the following setup:

    Win 7 (64bit)
    Viv 2.2.1388.6 (32bit)

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    This does also happen in a private window


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