Is Vivaldi haunted? (ghost of browsers past???)

  • Vivaldi has a ghost. It shows up as an orange halo-like rectangle, sometimes around webpage elements, and sometimes hanging out in blank space. I have seen this before, but this is the first time I could clearly see how to replicate it (I made this happen twice): I'm trying to add a comment to a post in a Google+ community - here's the link - I'm trying to type "This...". I get to the "s" in the word and focus jumps to the white space to the left, on the page, and an orange rectangle appears - not large, and with rounded corners. It has no contents. As I press more keys, it moves around in that area. I have no clue what this is, nor how to prevent it from happening. As it is, I am unable to post my comment. I checked in the command list in Settings > Navigation, but found no answer. Any ideas what this is - and WHY it is?

  • What you are seeing is the indication of so-called spatial navigation. Simply put it's navigation through a page by only using a keyboard, using Shift + arrow keys. Although I haven't seen or heard about the exact same problem you're having, I can tell you that current Vivaldi spatnav is known to be a bit unpolished.

    If you think you have some spare time, please submit a bug report about it and it will get fixed eventually.

  • Bug report is filed!

    Tom C.
    0135 PDT (UTC - 8)

  • after a 6 pack i see the same problem :dry:

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