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    Sometimes Vivaldi just won't connect to the internet. It happens randomly. I'll be trying to load a page and it won't connect. I'll leave it a while, whilst I use another browser (yes every other browser Edge, Chrome, Opera will be working), then maybe and hour later I'll look and see that the page has loaded.
    Last week I deleted Vivaldi, deleted my profile, deleted every file to do with Vivaldi. A real bother as I had to set it all up again after I reinstalled it. It worked well for about a week, then today, same old issue.

    I'm running windows 10. I use wired connections sometimes and other times wifi. It happens with either connection method.

    It's extremely frustrating, because it means that a task that should take a few seconds ends up taking half an hour, as I'm forced to use a different browser which doesn't have my history/cookies/passwords etc.

    Any ideas what the problem could be?

    I really can't cope with something as unreliable as this. I need my browser to just work, so if an idea pop into my head or I want to quickly check something, it just does it.

    Can anyone help me?


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    Try to disable "Automatic search of proxy" in Windows Internet options.

  • @Gwen-Dragon There are no proxy settings.

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    Did you disable the automatic search for proxy?

    • Open Windows Settings
    • Click Network & Internet
    • List of network/Internet settings shows up
    • Click Proxy
    • list proxy settings show up
    • In section Automatic Proxy Setup section,
      • set the Use Setup Script to Off.
      • set Automatically detect settings to Off
    • Close Settings

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thanks I've done that now. Will have to wait and see if that solves the problem.
    I can't predict when the problem happens, so if I guess I'll know in a week or so if it's worked or not.



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