Meet the Vivaldi team in Oslo in 2019

  • Without even thinking, I can say my favorite features are the floating side panels and tab stacking. Those 2 are by far my favorite tools in Vivaldi and they can both speed-up work and increase general productivity in an absurd way! I can't even imagine my working and personal-surfing life without that anymore.

    But, sincerely, after all that happened lately, I say my favorite thing about Vivaldi in general are the people behind it. You're such an amazing team and you're doing a difference for real with Vivaldi, and the way you treat your users really matters!
    Even if I'm not the lucky one here, I'd still like to pay you a visit sometime! ^^

  • @koolio: I remember only seeing that tab thumbnail feature before in a Japanese browser called Sleipnir (but it's slow)
    It's very cool when you work on big screens, though I usually send the thumbs to the sides in that case to optimize space! Edge has it now too, btw, but it's also not as optimized as it is in Vivaldi.

  • @hanike: ps: as I've mentioned on Twitter already past morning, with a photo of my cat for Vivaldi, btw! haha...

  • I simply felt in love with the name of the Vivaldi browser - that was a love at first sight 🙂 Now I am using it and I will never regret. Viva Vivaldi Browser!

  • Twenty years ago we used to play Q&A games using IRC and a chat bot called Yasmina. The one with the fastest browser search engine was often the winner so being a skeptic myself I was in doubt that Vivaldi would change the game using the Chromium engine. However, we haven't played for quite some time now and sometimes I miss the fun. For my profession however I have everything I need. That said, not being the power user myself with all the bells and whistles, there are a fairly amount of ready to go features I still need to discover.

    The best part of all is the community to me and I confess to read very often in the forums. So if that counts as a favorite feature from using Vivaldi, this would be it. 🌻

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