Meet the Vivaldi team in Oslo in 2019

  • For me, the browser is very fast, faster than most of the browsers I know and used. It's new and well customized. Above all it's user friendly. I Love it, the fact that every time I was using it, it thrills me.

  • Web panels and tab tiling are the things that make a difference for me. These features really help my productivity. Or they don't - when I watch a football match in one of them instead of working 🙂

  • I have been following Vivaldi Development since last christmas when my Uncle (RIchOlsen) introduced me to it. I had held off until recently as I was waiting for an android version, but with the new chrome changing the settings and logging you into the browser when you sign into any page I decided to switch my personal computer over to evaluate it for myself and my classroom (I'm a technology/engineering/computers science/CAD/rapid prototyping/etc. teacher)

    I really love tab stacks and having screenshots of my tabs on my sidebar. It makes my workflow much smoother. I also really love tiling tabs especially when comparing features when shopping or figuring out code with that inherits from parent objects.

    I can't wait to get my classroom lab using vivaldi and show my students the clever features I've come to rely on.

  • Thank you to all at Vivaldi for your fantastic work making it the delight that it is to use!
    While there are hundreds of benefits, the biggest for me is keyboard shortcuts and the way they integrate so well. I choose to work with multiple keyboards and create custom dedicated keyboards for each programme I work with (using AutoHotKey and Intercept, for anyone who's interested). Because Vivaldi has the choice to change keyboard shortcuts, this works much better for additional keyboards and saves me hours of testing and changing compared with other programmes when they update their software.
    For someone who is a fanatic of productivity, this makes my life significantly easier - thank you Vivaldi! #SwitchtoVivaldi

  • I've been a long time user of the Presto-based Opera, used it for quite a while after it was abondoned.
    For me, Vivaldi brought back the customization which I truly missed. I could have the tabs in sidebar, I am able to turn off tab grouping, I am able to change the color of the UI. These weren't present in any other browser when Vivaldi came in.
    I love you guys, keep up the good work.

  • The most important for me are security and privacy.
    Vivaldi hasn't made itself best among all other browsers in both areas, but Vivaldi is still young and continues improving in both sides to better. Especially on privacy protection, Vivaldi does better than other mainstream browsers, worth to be appreciated by users like me.

    Vivaldi's one more bright point is the customization.
    I can't live without mouse gestures since I adapt it from Opera 12, about 10 more years ago. Vivaldi is the only browser has a built-in gesture function from then on.
    And more, such as made tab cycling be my choice, a powerful new tab(Speed Dial), and more like these.. There's no need to search for extensions to perform the functions above in Vivaldi than other browsers.

    The most exciting thing, Vivaldi is aimed at staunch technologists and heavy Internet users, this makes Vivaldi grows faster and more professional than other browsers.

    With the solid basement, Vivaldi will be great.

  • Vivaldi is a symphony of outstanding options and features and to choose just one is the hardest part of the competition.

    I must say that it's the comprehensive set of options in the 'Settings' page that drew me in over a year go and keeps me excited to use the browser every time I launch it. After tuning in the look and feel, layout, behavior, navigation gestures, and keyboard shortcuts to the most precise detail it feels as though every interaction is intuitive, effortless, efficient, and visually beautiful. There isn't a single thing I would change, though I know if I wanted to I could ask.

    I also owe the team a tremendous thank you for introducing me to mouse gestures, and for the recent delivery of the 'sync' feature, was the icing on an already fabulous cake.


  • I've only used Vivaldi less than a week and I fell in love with the design and the name itself evokes mastery and creativity (like Vivaldi)...Anyway my favourite feature (and what caused me to download it right away) was the tab stack. I thought that that was super cool and convenient. I know some people have dual monitors when they work on stuff lol...this is something every software program should have. The other thing is everything feels so easily accessible. I like the screen enlarger gauge as well. It's more fun to use than pressing CTRL +.

  • The thing I like most about Vivaldi is that it offers user control made simple. I’ve used computers for over 30 years, developed definite ideas about the features I want, and don’t want, in a browser – but at my age (76 years), I’m not inclined to expend a lot of technical effort to try and make a browser work the way I prefer. Vivaldi gives me all the customisation options I want - while making choosing which features I want simple and easy. I also like the fact that Vivaldi is not part of some large US corporate structure, i.e. Microsoft or Google, interested primarily in ‘harvesting’ information about – and selling things to – me.

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    Hi there! I’m Nick and I hail from the deserts of California. I have been using Vivaldi for over a year now. I truly enjoy this browser and the features that are up and coming. Everyone at Vivaldi has done a great job so far. When I am at work I often have to use a lot of tabs, and being able to stack them is a quick way to stay organized and sharp.

    However, my favorite feature of all is the CSS modifications via Page Actions. I use Filter Obscure when I am at work often. This usually is my email. In my opinion Vivaldi’s best feature is Filter Obscure 😊. When I am pulled away by a team member and forget to lock my screen, I don’t have to worry because Vivaldi blurred my private emails, and more. If people are walking behind me, I don’t have to worry as I can easily move my mouse off.

    Thank you for this amazing feature and the opportunity to have a trip your offices to meet this amazing team!

  • Vivaldi is like huge world of discover and possibilities.
    You are the one, who can choose the option how to explore this world.
    With Vivaldi you become individual and only you choose how it looks and work for you.
    You can discover, explore and all the web is yours.
    I chosen Vivaldi, and I thankful them for it, to give me a chance to see this world in different angle with colorful frame.

    My Vivaldi - My life style.

  • Web Panel for the win! Now I don't need to open a new tab for every little needs like checking for stocks, currency rate, emails, notes, sport scores, and best of all, I can just get on whatever is on my current tab uninterrupted.

  • re-interpreting from "makes a difference" to "will make a difference." Vivaldi is not trying to simply be a better another browser. Vivaldi is attempting to redefine the true meaning of a user-centric browser. To go one step further, Vivaldi should not just design with the goal of empowering (mainly power users) with the ability to exercise control over their web existence, with the help of lists upon lists of carefully considered user customizations. This customizability is a solid foundation which with the help of machine learning can enable Vivaldi to firstly build a mass-audience personalized and user-centric browser, whose flexibility and power adapts intelligently to the user's technical needs and abilities. More importantly, by responsibly and safely using this data to build a mental and physical model of the browser's user, understanding their temperament, their interests, their day-to-day activities, the special days of their lives. With a single, synced Vivaldi identity across mobile and browser, Vivaldi can begin to augment the user's life with new kinds of possibilities: mood indicators, exercise and diet advice, financial advice based on previous historical data, curated lists of movies, articles, and websites to nurture existing interests or grow new ones, even relationship advice based on contact frequency and temperament analysis. With this Vivaldi becomes not a user-centric browser for the masses, but an indispensable part of one's digital identity that is unique to none other than yourself.

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    I wouldn't say a specific function but an idea: the browser fitting on your browsering. With so much options and some more coming in the future you can make a million of combinations that will do you find the best way of browsering on internet. And only Vivaldi gives to you that possibility. #SwitchToVivaldi

  • What makes a difference for me?
    Generally speaking the multitude of features that are given "out of the box". Vivaldi welcomes user with something surprising in these times (sic!) - a user interface which haven't been dumbed down!
    It makes me feel that I am not treated as a complete id....... beginner.

    Which feature makes the biggest difference to me?
    Synchronizable notes 🙂
    I am addicted to creating notes whenever I am doing something on the computer.
    And (finally!) I can share all of them between all of my systems 😃
    This is a total game changer for me. 😎

  • Does the attitude of the company and the people involved count as a feature? Because really, that's what makes the most difference to me. The first line of the "what we're about page" - "A browser should adapt to you, not the other way around" is why I use Vivaldi. It isn't any one specific feature that makes the difference, but the way so many things are customizable.

  • 我很喜歡Vivaldi左側功能面板中的「筆記」,可以擷取網頁中的文字、圖片、網址到筆記欄。

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    I love the notes in the Vivaldi left feature panel, where you can retrieve text, pictures, URLs to the notes bar in a Web page.

  • Best feature of Vivaldi that I never had previously in Firefox+extensions is the ability to drag the tabbar down to reveal thumbnails previews for all the tabs. Surprisingly this feature doesn't have any toggle hotkey, mouse gesture binding, or any customization options, would be be even better if it did. I find it pretty useful when you accumulate 20+ tabs and want a better overview of all tabs without going over each tab to get the tab thumbnail preview which was something Firefox had as an addon and is good to see built in Vivaldi.

    For the most part Vivaldi implements alot of the power features that 'used' to exist and work as addons for Firefox. Still I find plenty of areas for improvement Vivaldi however as web browser on the market right, now nothing compares to it. With developers behind it who care alot more than most the other web browser developers to actually build in alot of the power user friendly browsing features that make it far more accessible to other users to try these features when they otherwise might never have discovered better workflows in browsing. With options and nice theming customization that doesn't require editing css files aswel, though that is still also an option which is even nicer. The bookmarks and history views are also pretty flash, though context menus for the dropdown bookmark menus need improvement. Anyway the ability to still use the chrome store eco system of extensions is another big benefit. While still being alot more customizable in the frontend with css/js.

    All in all pretty awesome and I actually really look forward to the mobile version (as I see plenty of room for improvement in mobile web browsers most are just really basic in ux/gui and navigation) and hope syncing gets some more refinement like only specific bookmark folders being synced so it is as customizable and power user friendly, I think 2019 onwards will be great for this browser.

  • @Koolio said in Meet the Vivaldi team in Oslo in 2019:

    Surprisingly this feature doesn't have any toggle hotkey, mouse gesture binding

    See Settings, Keyboard, Tabs, Tab Thumbnail. This is also available as a command to bind to a mouse gesture.

  • @pesala: Clearly I must have missed it 🙂

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