Meet the Vivaldi team in Oslo in 2019

  • There are actually 3 that makes all the difference to me, due to huge boost in productivity they provide: the side panel, the integrated notes and the side-by-side view, being this last the most important, since it makes multitasking possible inside the browser, SIMPLY AWESOME! šŸ˜

  • The feature I like most is the customization. You can practically put everything where you want it. And it is not only appearances, but a lot of other elements as well. It works amazing for me, but if other people are using my computer and browser they quickly get confused.

  • for me it's the people behind vivaldi, they have been with us for decades and when the rest of opera decided to abandon us vivaldi team gave us vivaldi.
    it has everything i loved about the old presto opera and more

  • The main thing for me is that you listen and allow to build a browser I wanted. A few requests of mine have been filled, some of my bugs were fixed. I really can get a browser experience I had with old Opera. Being able to replace almost any element to another location is priceless for me, despite I don't adjust too much. But that little difference I am allowed to do makes everything.
    Side panel and bookmark bar are great, page actions in the bottom help from time to time, and compatibility with almost every chrome extension helps too.
    Just fix multiwindow crash that's been there for a few months which I've been reporting since it's first appearance, and I will be happy šŸ˜ƒ

  • The tabs feature is one of the main features of a Web browser. But Vivaldi moves forward and it's just incredible :

    • Don't want tab bar to save space ? Not a problem ! I hide it and toggle the window panel (F4) to manage and search for the tabs I want.
    • You have multiple tabs from the same subject ? Not a problem, just stack it, even in the window panel, for a better tabs management.

    Of course, there are several other ways to do the same thing. This is the power of Vivaldi. Test it. Love it šŸ™‚

  • It's been a long time time, but now, using Vivaldi, it once again feels like I'm using my browser šŸ™‚

    • Tab management is amazing
    • I love all the sidebars
    • Quick Command is a joy

    Vivaldi is what a browser should be! The Vivaldi team are on our side!

  • That's one is easy : E-Mail Client. Why ? Because it's absent !

  • The Vivaldi feature that makes the difference for me is Sync because I can continue browsing or quickly reference a Web page in my home computer after returning work. Sync also makes me not reinstall every extension.

  • If I have to choose, it has to be all the tab features. Tab tiling is such a blessing and I can't believe other browsers don't support this out-of-the-box.

    But Vivaldi offers so much more, it comes packed with sane default features that should be a standard in any given browser.

    Need to make certain screenshots? You can, no extension needed and it works perfectly. Need to find that one tab while you have 99 other tabs open? Use Quick Commands!

    Glad I switched!

  • What drives me to Vivaldi it that it is build by web enthusiasts for web enthusiasts. The browser is not afraid to be different, it is not afraid to experiment, it is not afraid to make mistakes sometimes. Reminds me of a passionate developer, who goes out of his way to add a nice feature just because it is cool and doing it gives that deep feeling of satisfaction šŸ™‚ Somehow, I feel younger when I use Vivaldi.

    I wish that this spirit is still there in 10 years time, when Vivaldi has many more millions of users on every possible platform šŸ˜‰

    P.S. Oh, and the favourite features. All the tab control possibilities and F2 command window are on the top, because it is difficult to find something similar in other browsers. In terms of usefulness, mouse gestures and notes are also very important.

  • There is no particular feature that I would focus on. I rather think that the novelty of Vivaldi lies in the fact that it's an uncompromising browser. It has the whole package: Security, Aesthetics, Coding Rigor, Add-ons, Speed. It's the Browser for the new millennium.

  • Ambassador

    The Sidebar! Notes I need (almost always), and the Web Panel I am finding very useful as all the cutomization features especially Quick Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I could name a lot of features that helps me a lot, not just during translation of Vivaldi browser. But in the end, it's not the most important aspect for me.
    Even more important for me is close relationship between Vivaldi team and regular users. A community, where we respect and hearken to each other. Thanks to this, Vivaldi is one of the most trustful browser from my point of view.
    I have a lot of dreams about upcoming features or how Vivaldi could look one day, but as an unnamed Vivaldi team member says: No time to create (or fix) them all. šŸ™‚

    Happy Christmas and lucky new year to you all! šŸŽ„ šŸ· šŸŽ†

  • I like the speeddial. Ihave a lot of speeddial tabs and under everytab a lot of websites. This makes it easy to find my favorite websites.

  • I love the large amount of customizations you can make for most any feature. It has to take a lot of time to not only make new features that set you apart from other web browsers, but to do those features in an intuitive way is what in the end will make your user base grow. For me, all the tab features allow me to quickly do things that would be tedious and difficult in other browsers. I'm new to Vivaldi, but I'm very impressed. It's my exclusive browser, and I don't see that changing. Cheers to all of the team. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

  • To me the most important thing is speed and simplicity. Vivaldi is stable. I am not being flooded with new beta versions. Vivaldi has not taken over my browsing time with requests that I update software. Quite refreshing.

  • #SwitchToVivaldi because apart from the nordic vibe and the fresh break from Googlenet its that is based in chromium. I get all the apps and all the cool shortcuts + awesome sidebar. What a cunning way to break through chrome's platform competitive advantage!

  • The best thing about Vivaldi is the web panels. As a marketer in a company on a very tight budget, I don't have access to fancy social media managing software. The Web panels in Vivaldi give me access to some (to me) very important Instagram features that aren't available in the regular web version of the platform. This way, using vivaldi browser, I don't have to take out my phone every time I (for example) need to upload a photo to Instagram.

    Besides that, the web panels are also a great way of storing regularly used websites while keeping my tabs nicely organized. No more searching for that one google maps tab. Just opening a web panel and I'm good to go.

  • One feature would not make me change browsers.
    The ability to configure Vivaldi to meet my needs for the task at hand is why I use and recommend it to others. If the features were not built in, Vivaldi would not be as reliable or straightforward to configure. Here are some of the features I rely on:
    ā€¢ Capture page or selection is fast and works well
    ā€¢ Ability to store sessions with the flexibility to save the current window or all instances of Vivaldi. It would be nice to be able to overwrite previous saved sessions with a warning instead of having to delete the saved sessions with the same name first.
    ā€¢ Ability to stack tabs and close groups of tabs
    ā€¢ History easily searchable. Using a local history for initial suggestions improves security and reinforces Vivaldi's purported interest in protecting privacy.
    ā€¢ Clear cookies, history, etc. is flexible and easy.

    I've used other browsers, each with their own features, but I keep using Vivaldi for most of my browsing activities.

  • Out of all the features of Vivaldi Browser, mouse gestures are by far my favorite. You can do so much with just a swipe or two, it makes my work go by so much faster! Not to mention the peace of mind Vivaldi brings in terms of privacy, etc.

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