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  • For me, the feature that changes everything, the utmost marker of customization, is to have the tabbar at the bottom.
    It seem so simple, so self evident, but no other browser out there (except O12) allow you to do so.
    It's the canary in the mine for me. If one browser cannot have the tabbar at the bottom, it's not worth considering. At all.

    So yeah, that's rather important to me πŸ™‚

  • Moderator

    For me I love the Mouse Gestures & Mouse Chording. At first glance they seem really gimmicky, but once you learn how to use them it's nigh impossible to browse without them.

    One of the first things I do when I have to use other browsers is install some kind of extension to enable this functionality, but it's never quite as good as vivaldi's native implementation.

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    For me, the most powerful feature are Quick Commands. When I'm on the browser, F2 key is pressed many times during browsing. πŸ™‚
    The QC are very useful, and can be done through them almost everything. This is also another cool advantage in Vivaldi browser, that you can set and customize almost every browser behaviour (maybe if you want to assign a shortcut to each command, I do not know if you find so many combinations, or at least you will need a very long auxiliary list πŸ™‚ )

  • I like the mouse gestures, the customizability, but I really like a maybe-not-so-important feature: The accent color on tabs. It makes the whole browser very distinguishable which just leads the eye.

  • Quick Commands are a game changer. Ploughing through web history for that obscure website I once found is a breeze. I have also changed the shortcut to Ctrl-P which matches the equivalent go to anywhere feature on many text editors and I am oblivious to what I am using. Looking forward to fuzzier search.

    Also loved the history calendar page.

  • For me personally it's the customization. Nothing else I loved about Opera so much as being able to tweak it to my personal likings, and now Vivaldi is the only browser I can make look and behave the way I prefer, not the maker.

  • The most feature that I use the most in Vivaldi is the sidebar. The ease of tracking downloads or using bookmarks and history speeds up my work tremendously. I have added a few panels that are important to me as well.

    1. The ability to switch tabs using mouse scrolling! that saves time...and extremely spunky!
    2. "Open link/picture in new background tab" that too saves time...and new innovation.
    3. Page loading progress bar! that feature is aesthetically pleasing !
    4. Quick commands...if you guys could add search suggestions in quick commands box that is 100% complete then!

  • @OlgaA The reason is customization - we are all different - I love to user mouse rocker gestures "back" and "forward" but also my own colored theme - all kinds of keyboard shortcuts which only give meaning to me - working without the adress bar etc. - cheers

  • To me, the option that makes a difference is that Vivaldi can be fairly easily modified to add style and functionality. This allows users to customise Vivaldi further while the developers have yet to introduce the wanted customisations as official features. Some ideas even start off as modifications, then become official features, e.g. floating panels. In this way, users can feel that they are also actively contributing to improving how the browser can be used.

  • I like Vivaldi for the direct shortcuts without a specific Key like Ctrl or Cmd.

    This is the fastest way to switch to tabs, etc.
    I even did setup β€žEβ€œ as a shortcut to the Quick Commands.


  • It's not just one single feature or option that makes a difference to me. Every feature and option makes a difference. Nowadays, Browser are getting more and more basic and simple to a point where there are almost no options. But that is not what I want. I want to be able to change as much as possible without having to install a ton of Extensions/User Scripts first. And Vivaldi is giving me back that freedom.

    But if I have to boil it down to one single feature, then at the moment, it's the floating web panel: I never thought I would use it that much, but I just love it and use it for my To-Do list, Pocket, Twitter and so much more. The floating feature was just what I needed to make the panels really useful for my workflow. Thank you!

  • The real reason why I use and love Vivaldi, is to feel innovation, which inspires me for my work every day!

  • I've used Opera since 1998, it saved me a lot of money with it's traffic compression. Primarily love gestures to close tab and go back. Love how web panel suits for twitter feed.
    PS: back in 00-s I've been playing OGame for a year with disabled images, and boss didn't notice it!!! ^_^

  • Feature that sold me out to tried Vivaldi is tile, I love any apps that can do tiles, in Vivaldi panel help me to have less tabs, get few websites or dashboards or chats open in the same tabs and most important one since I use Vivaldi to develop websites I can see multiple viewports at once without switching between tabs or window.

    I hope tiling feature can get more loves in the feature if its able to get close to i3 WM tiling management I will be so in love with Vivaldi.

    P.s. Please fix bugs on tiling while using the development tools 😞

  • I wow my friends when the tab bar changes color to match the page I'm browsing.
    It's got the best Reader Mode for stripping ads and formatting so I can focus on the content.
    It's now the ONLY browser with a built-in 3D rendering mode, which I use to make more compelling screenshots for training (and to troubleshoot web designs).
    The Web Panels are ingenious, allowing me to keep handy sites all loaded in my sidebar for a quick look. Great for todo lists, keyboard shortcuts, and other stuff you want to keep close at hand.

  • Stacking tabs, lots of tabs, all the tabs, I once had a stack of almost 30 tabs. I currently have over 70 tabs across 11 stacks. Its a heck of a lot easier to keep track of my tabs thanks to Vivaldi.

    No, I don't have a problem, I can close these tabs whenever I want!
    I just don't want to.

  • The reason is opening the settings menu and having 16 (I just counted that) different pages to set up the browser in every smallest aspect that I want to.

  • What drew me to using Vivaldi was the ability to customize it. This is the number one feature in just about everything I own and the ability to use it on Linux. I use Kubuntu for the obvious reasons of customization.

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