2.1.1337.47 & 51 have been crashy. Any ideas?

  • I skipped the original 2.1 and went right to the Nov 13 2.1 release from the last 2.0 release.

    2.1.1337.47: Nov 13
    2.1.1337.51: Nov 22

    As you can see, there has been a major uptick in crashes ever since (there are two dmp files PER crash, so it's not as bad as it looks at first glance).

    The browser just instantly closes when the problem strikes. I expect there's a good reason for it, something new to 2.1 or the Chromium beneath it, since this is highly unusual here.

    Is there any clue to be had in the binary dmp files? Yes, I have little doubt that whatever this is would be solved if I nuke the profile from space, but it's better to figure it out, because it could recur a week later and I'm not starting over each time.

    alt text

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    You can delete old dmp files.

    If you see a crash of Vivaldi, report the crashdump from this time.
    Howto: https://help.vivaldi.com/article/reporting-crashes-on-windows/

  • Done (VB-46968). I had forgotten submitting crash dump files was supported in that way.


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