Window panel tab switching

  • Hi all,
    after the last update to version 2.2.1373.4 (Official Build) (64-bit) I am not able to switch between tabs within the window panel. When I unchecked the option Activate with Single Slick,


    I am able to switch by double-click ... but that's really annoying and not what I want. When this option is checked, then with both (single/double click) I am able to only to select the tab, but not switch.

    I am the only one with this problem? Or, did I something wrong?

    Thanks for any hint.

  • @Nowass
    Hi and welcome,
    I just tested this with viv 2.2.1386.4 (32bit) win 7 (64bit) [Note: the version does not show when you search for updates as it has some flaws in it you only can load it via the snapshotblog]
    and everything worked as expected.
    When I uncheck the option I can select with one click and change with double click and when I check the option I can change with one click.

    So my from my point of view you have two options:

    1. be patient and wait for the next version that is stable enough that it will be promoted via the normal update cycle
    2. be impatient and install the newest version and have a look if this is fixing it for you^^ --> but first read about the known issues!!

  • Hi @zaibon,

    then I'll wait for official release and try to survive with the "standard" tabs which seem to work well.

    Thanks for the info & have a nice day 🙂

  • @Nowass
    Do so, but please report back if this doesn't fix it as there is course the chance that this has nothing to do with the version you have installed but something else broke.

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