Bug 64-Bit Standalone Install

  • When choosing the '[i]Install standalone[/i]' option of the 64-bit build of the snapshot to the 64-bit applications directory "C:\Program Files\Vivaldi" the installer throws up the following error message: [img]http://s30.postimg.org/5x50bp335/error.png[/img] This was also a problem with the 64-bit build of snapshot but not or any prior build. In all instances I ran the installer as Administrator. Interestingly, on launching and saving files creates "\User Data" directory structure inside the "Vivaldi" directory and everything (so far) appears to function normally.

  • Here is how I have solved having both the x32 and x64 versions installed on my machine. I am running Win 7 x64 on a home-built PC.

    I created two (2) separate directories on my C: drive – C:\Vivaldi x32 and C:\Vivaldi x64. I installed Vivaldi x32 Stand Alone in the x32 directory and Vivaldi x64 in its separate directory.

    I can load either separately or both versions at the same time. I use x32 as my primary browser, but I wanted to check x64 out to see if I ran into any problems. So far I have not hit any bumps. But I will tell you that loading both versions at the same time uses a whole lot of resources -- memory and cpu cycles.

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    It's a standalone install, it will write all your user data in the same folder the application is. Your installation is in /Program Files/ which is a protected directory, only admin can write on it. You either change Vivaldi location or allow non-admin writing in Vivaldi directory.

    Edit: Windows does kind of allow non-admin writing, but in truth it's just saving in /users/User/AppData/Local/VirtualStore/

  • Was just posting it for the bug list; it's some kind of installer bug/issue that wasn't present in TP3 and prior that now throws up the error message above on Windows 8.1. As noted there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the installation; just an installer message that might worry some people.


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