Typing URL in address bar, bad behaviour when selecting up/down items

  • When we type a URL in the address bar, we are presented with the suggested full addresses from our bookmarks, searches, history.

    There is a bad behaviour of Vivaldi that often puts my carret, the I cursor, back at the start of the address bar, leftmost, where the http protocol is.
    Instead of staying at the end, rightmost, which for me is the most usual position, always (Opera presto).

    As it seemed quite inconsistent it’s not always, I analysed today exactly what happens and I see why it felt completely random:

    When I press the down arrow key to go down in the list of suggestions, the text cursor goes rightmost (good).
    But when I press up arrow key (which often happens because I always go back and forth before finding what I look for), the text cursor goes to the start leftmost part of the address bar.

    Which is very inconvenient because I usually go for this or that URL from the suggestions but then I often Ctrl+Backspace, change the end of the URL.
    But then I realise that my text cursor, is not where I thought it was.

  • So hitting the UP arrow key should keep the cursor at the end of the URL, should not throw it before HTTP.

    And also another issue with the URL address bar historic / suggestions popup is that, if my mouse is in its zone, even if not moving, it’s making the selection jumping to where it is instead of keeping the first row selected.
    It should do this only if the mouse IS MOVING over the popup, not when it was already there, idling. 🙂

  • Thanks very much Vivaldi!!

    [Address Bar] Caret in address bar jumps to the start when arrow key up is pressed (VB-45498)

    I was also often bugged with:

    [Focus] Cursor switches place based on mouseclick up location VB-45820

    I’ll see how better it is now! 🙂


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