Memory usage example

  • I'm attempting to help identify memory hogging issues with a specific example.

    I was using 32 bit windows, but uninstalled that and installed 64-bit version last week:
    2.1.1337.51 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

    • Open windows task manager
    • Go to Processes tab
    • Click Working Set (Memory) to sort on that column. Memory (Private working set) will also work.
    • Go to landing page.
    • There should be several vivaldi.exe processes, but one should quickly rise to the top.
    • Memory usage rises at between 4,000K - 15,000K per second.
    • Stay on that tab and watch memory usage continuously increase. I stopped watching at 3,000,000 K. (Also, CPU usage on that one tab is roughly 25% ... very high.)
    • If you switch to another tab, the memory growth slows or stops temporarily, but if you switch back to the landing page it will resume munching memory.

    This does not seem to happen on all websites, so I wanted to give a very specific example. I have closed that specific tab and it is definitely the tab that is hogging. I have repeated this multiple times with the same result. If I can locate what on that web page is causing the increase I will let you know.


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    @dragonbits said in Memory usage example:

    If I can locate what on that web page is causing the increase

    Probably some poorly written code. Disabling the JavaScript for that website prevented it from using such huge amounts of memory and also lowered the CPU usage...

    The best part is that this website is also written quite well actually, as it works pretty good with the JS disabled... 🙃

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    @dragonbits said in Memory usage example:

    Open windows task manager

    Why not using Vivaldi Task Manager (Shift + Esc)?


  • Thank you both for your tips. I'll keep both in mind.



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