Make bookmarks bar same "pane" as address bar.

  • When you choose to show the bookmarks bar, it is always slightly darker than the background color of your theme, and there is a line separating it from the address bar, making it a distinct "pane." I think if it "merged" with the address bar, it would be a cleaner, more modern look. I've made a quick and dirty mock-up of how this would look.

    alt text

  • Sorry, here's the mock-up larger.
    alt text

  • Moderator

    @fuller1754 You don't actually need to make the files larger. You need to crop them to the area of interest and save them as PNG, like this.

    0_1543816215954_Address Bar and Bookmarks Bar.png

    Do you want to remove the separator too, like this?

    0_1543817192729_Address Bar and Bookmarks Bar Combined.png

  • Moderator

    Since you posted in the customization category, here's one solution (for the border) and for the background color you could use something like this:

    .bookmark-bar {
        background-color: var(--colorBg) !important;

    (Read on adding custom styles here)


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