No sound

  • A few months ago I started using Vivaldi and it turned out to be pretty decent so I'm currently using it as main browser.

    However a few days ago sound stopped working. I think it happened when I updated to latest version.

    I searched for solutions online but everything I did find sounded so foreign to me I didn't even know where to begin. To be honest, at the moment I don't even know where to get proper info of which version of Vivaldi I'm using (search wasn't really useful).

    I'd like to solve this, I don't want to keep on downloading stuff so I can hear it and I don't really want to change browser at the moment either.

    When asking for additional info or giving possible solutions please be kind enough to give a few extra instructions how to get there.

    Oh and for start... I'm using Windows 8 in case this info will be needed.

    Mod Edit: Fixed typos.

  • @katkun
    Hi, the correct version of vivaldi you are using is written in the first line of vivaldi://about or click menu-->help-->about
    It would also be good to know what extensions you use?
    A link to a website that does this for you ?
    And a list of what security programms you use.

  • there were some similar posts
    try to check if your audio mixer has volume zeroed or disabled just for Vivaldi


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