Snapshot Startpage customization, UI zooming and more

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    Hi there, Vivaldi is to be a very (dare I say the most) customizable browser, and a big part of that will be our UI. With this snapshot you will be able to change the Startpage background image, or pick a solid color. You can also choose if you want light or dark foreground elements, to better match your new background. Some truly creative uses are possible, and people have been seen sporting animated backgrounds for their Startpage in the Oslo office. Another new feature is the ability to scale the UI. This will resize the Vivaldi interface without touching web pages themselves. Hand-in-hand with this we are also converting our UI to use SVG icons. This means that icons will be as crisp as possible in any size. We already support HiDPI, but once this work is completed we will handle the in-between states much better. Another requested feature that made it this time is being able to hide Tab thumbnails when Tabs are placed on the left or right. If you display thumbnails with Tabs at the top, this preference will carry over when you switch them to the side. All these new shiny things are available in the Appearance part of Settings. Go check them out! Sounds like you wanna have it? You sure do! Get it over at [url=]our blog[/url] 😉


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