Speed Dial disappeared

  • I'm for whatever reason, having a real joy with my web sites (icons) disappearing on the top of Vivaldi. Never know what one calls this, but it's the Bar across the top where the icons for various sites are saved.
    I've lost Speed Dial but can drag a bookmark to this bar along the top which I couldn't before unless it was in Speed Dial. Now that Speed Dial has disappeared, I can at least drag my sites to the Bar at the top. But if I sort by Date created or manually, all those icons disappears from the top bar. Any idea what's going on here or what I have done wrong?

  • @Andoheb Open the Bookmarks Panel, and right-click on the folder you wish to use as your Speed Dial or Bookmarks Bar folder.

    No idea why icons are disappearing. Open Settings, Bookmark and check whether you're displaying text and icons.

  • No problem as to setting the Folder I wish to use as my Speed Dial but prior to this evening, Speed Dial was showing at the top of the Folders in Bookmarks. Even though I have it checked off, set Bookmarks Bar as the Speed Dial, this Speed Dial does not show up at all.
    Also, when I right clicked on Imported Files and attempted to make that my Speed Dial, every icon disappeared from the title bar on the top & all my bookmarks and Folders went into the Trash. Got to say, this is weird and wonderful.


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