YouTube layout is small when bookmark bar is turned on

  • Hi, I'm having a problem. If the bookmark bar is turned on, the YouTube layout turns to small, but if it's disabled, it's normal. I don't know if this should happen or if it's a bug. It's not really that important, but it's a minor problem and I want to know if there's a solution. Here are 2 screenshots, one is with the bookmark bar being enabled and the other is with it being disabled.

    0_1543590913665_with bookmark bar.jpg0_1543590925739_without bookmark bar.jpg

  • @nikolamar Not a bug. Your monitor is rather small at 1366x768 (I guess) as the screenshots are 1366x728 pixels.

    The YouTube layout will change to suit the available space.

    You could zoom out to 95% instead of 100% in Settings, Webpages, Default Webpage zoom.

  • Okay, thanks. Also you guessed the monitor size.


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