Online banking doesn't like Vivaldi any more

  • I've using Vivaldi for my online banking since I first started using it with no problems until today. Now the site says it doesn't like the browser and suggests I use one of the usual suspects. Updated Vivaldi to no avail. I've let the bank know and hopefully they'll do something about it, but has anyone else had this problem? Was it fixed'

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    Unfortunately some sites have a bad browser detection and block some browsers.

    We do not know which banking site block your. Please tell us.

  • @nickji Hi, in most cases this happens when the visited website does something like browser sniffing and in this process screws it up.
    If that's the case you can easily bypass this issue by using an user agent changer you can get at the chrome webstore.

    Just install one of them -> go to your banking website -> select in the extension a different browser as which vivaldi should cloak itself to the website and reload the website.

    Never the less letting them know that they broke the site for you and that you are unhappy with it might avoid such problems in the future.

    Hope this helps

    P.s.: For users with similar problems it would be helpful if you state what bank you use and if this helped you or not, so those questions and answers can be found more easily if users try to find a solution via google - thanks in advance

    EDIT: Damn Gwen was again faster - I should improve my typing speed ^^

  • @nickji The user agent can also be changed using Developer Tools.

    1. Click on the 3 vertical dots and select More tools, Network Conditions:

    0_1543576387561_Network Conditions.png

    1. Select the User Agent at the bottom of that page:

    0_1543576424111_Chrome User Agent.png


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