Snapshot Startpage customization, UI zooming and more

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    Hi there, Vivaldi is to be a very (dare I say the most) customizable browser, and a big part of that will be our UI. With this snapshot you will be able to change the Startpage background image, or pick a solid color. You can also choose if you want light or dark foreground elements, to better match your new background. Some truly creative uses are possible, and people have been seen sporting animated backgrounds for their Startpage in the Oslo office. Another new feature is the ability to scale the UI. This will resize the Vivaldi interface without touching web pages themselves. Hand-in-hand with this we are also converting our UI to use SVG icons. This means that icons will be as crisp as possible in any size. We already support HiDPI, but once this work is completed we will handle the in-between states much better. Another requested feature that made it this time is being able to hide Tab thumbnails when Tabs are placed on the left or right. If you display thumbnails with Tabs at the top, this preference will carry over when you switch them to the side. All these new shiny things are available in the Appearance part of Settings. Go check them out! Sounds like you wanna have it? You sure do! Get it over at [url=]our blog[/url] ;)

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    Run the file, but after update process Vivaldi hasn't updated. I had to run as admin and this time it updated.

  • a) There are strange empty spaces placed on bar (I use classical menu)

    b) Vivaldi still have problems with random tab hanging in x64 version
    (tab content totally stops responding/processing scripts until clicking back/forward…)
    It happens more frequent on this build :(

    c) I think hover tab popup delay/activations area should be corrected
    It's really annoying that i need to move mouse down to just find "back" button which is instantly being covered by preview baloon after touching it by moving cursor....

    d) Translation strings have't been updated :(

    e) hmmmm...

  • User Interface Scale doesn't save on re-start for me. I have it set to 80%, close Vivaldi then re-open, UI is at 100% again. Also, on re-start the page zoom shows 80% but pages display normal, 100%. This is on Windows 32 bit.

    Other than that, this is one of the best updates so far. UI changes are very much appreciated.


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    Still no open in background tab option :(

  • My screen resolution is 1920x1080, system scaling is 121% (Custom Text Size (DPI)).
    Vivaldi looks good with 100% (User Interface Scale), but V-menu/context menu is way too big (and not scalable)

    Panel Toggle is also giant.

  • Dials d&d is buggy (+tabs)


  • "… being able to hide Tab thumbnails when Tabs are placed on the left..."

    I'm starting to believe that Vivaldi is a true heir to Opera 12 ;)

  • Hi,

    I just discovered this upcoming browser and I'm amazed.
    What I'm currently missing is the "display full url in urlbar"-feature. I think this is required if the browser should be customizable.
    The second point of critic is the slightly lagging UI. The performance on a office-notebook is not the best.


  • I cannot even install this version Vivaldi 64bit on my Windows 8.1

    "installation failed due to unspecific error if shitvaldi is currently running please close it and try again"

    The crappy 32bit version installs.

  • With Tabs at the top, If I hide thumbnails by dragging or double clicking the tab bottom border, I can no longer reveal them with the Settings/Appearance/Tab Options/Show Tab Thumbnails toggle.

    This version is a great leap forward on the customisability front - thanks for all the ongoing good work.

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    So, it turns out UI stuff beat out mail and private browsing for this version, so, OK. I can live with that.

    I was a LITTLE excited we seemed to be getting more options for the actual UI frame because the only thing I don't like about it right now is, you have to select forever-changing and too-saturated, too-distracting colors (would a few pastels kill ya, really?) or this ultra-contrasty and somewhat-jarring black. So I thot, LOOK! we can use a more soothing color for the frame!

    But, sadly, no. We can change the sizes of things (which I don't need to do) or the background for the Speed Dial. Shucks.

    I'm 100% ready for some true skinning of UI elements, or, BETTER STILL, mail. Pretty please? Mail? Pretty please?

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    Although I need the mail client before I can start using Vivaldi as my default browser, it's not something that I would want to have before it's ready. Too much is at stake if using a buggy mail client.

    Interface customisation is vital too. Next I need more powerful customised mouse gestures, then, shortcuts and customised menus.

    I noticed something odd about the tab thumbnail previews. It has been reported before, but with a Tab-stack composed of tabs from my Reviews Site the thumbnail previews have thumbnail previews too.

  • Update failure: the update window appears, prompting me to DL and install latest version (from, I tell it to install, and 2 sec. later an error message tells me "Update error! An error occured retrieving update information….".

    Internet is good, no FW blocking, retried 3 times (incl. restart).

    Unless I can provide some useful information regarding the cause of the problem/bug, I'm gonna update manually later today.

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    There's still problem with Speed Dial thumbnails.
    Can't you just make thumbnails save in some folder on disk?
    Add option to not clear Speed Dial thumbnails when clearing history.
    Some time ago a new option about licenses appeared so it's possible. What does it exactly do?

  • Opening Vivaldi with speeddial opened causes all speeddial items to be listed in a vertical row. Changing to another tab and changing back fixes this bug.

  • @netwolf:

    Update failure: the update window appears, prompting me to DL and install latest version (from, I tell it to install, and 2 sec. later an error message tells me "Update error! An error occured retrieving update information….". Internet is good, no FW blocking, retried 3 times (incl. restart). ...

    I had the identical problem trying to update my stand-alone, 32-bit version yesterday… after a couple of seconds, I received the 'update error' message. I tried it again several times, identical results. Finally, I simply downloaded it using Firefox and installed 'over top' from the download.

  • Homepage zoom is from the last session.

  • On my Vivaldi my tabs still disappear… Is it because of some custom css I have enabled?

    .dial.add {
    display: none !important;

    #tabs-container.left #tabs .tab, #tabs-container.right #tabs .tab {
    max-height: 30px !important;
    #tabs-container.left #tabs .tab .tab-thumb, #tabs-container.right #tabs .tab .tab-thumb {

    #tabs-container.left #tabs .tab, #tabs-container.right #tabs .tab {
    max-width: 13px !important;
    #tabs-container.left {max-width:30px !important;

    .addressfield {
    margin-left: 20px !important;

    display: none;
    display: none;

    display: none;

    Theres my custom.css file... anything to cause tabs disappearing?

  • @unhived:

    The crappy 32bit version installs.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    The "identical in all functionality and performance, just with a different number on the box" version installs…

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