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  • Just wondering if I am missing something ? In general I do not want Vivaldi to save passwords and prefer to either enter confidential passwords from memory or by using a password manager. However for some generic sites like newspapers, I actually prefer to stay logged in.
    I have allowed Vivaldi to save these passwords but each time I go back to these sites I am asked again to log in. So going to the site Vivaldi shows my user name and
    the masked password and once I click sign in, that's fine. Just wondering if there is a way to skip this step and just remain as logged in.

    For some sites, even though the site appears in settings under saved passwords, once I come to the login page , nothing is offered, not sure why for these sites
    Vivaldi is not drawing on the saved credentials?

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    How are your prefs at:


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    @tomoz You cannot remain logged in to sites unless those sites issue long-term cookies.

    Vivaldi should always offer you the username and password for any site for which you have saved login data, BUT Vivaldi might not always recognize a malformed or improperly coded login dialog unless and until you click on or begin to fill the username field, at which time all saved options should become available for you to select.

    What is happening - you going to the site and being invited to log in with a displayed username and a masked password is exactly correct and normal - UNLESS these sites normally set long-term cookies and keep you signed in (facebook, gmail, etc.)

  • @lamarca

    I have offer to save passwords deactivated, Auto Sign-in shown as active and
    underneath a list of saved passwords, ie those that I want Vivaldi to deal with automatically, usually forums or news sites

  • @Ayespy

    thank you - will see if I can play with this more to see if it is site specific or whether my cookie setting is interfering

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    @tomoz said in Password save and auto login:

    ......... Auto Sign-in shown as active and

    It's enough to keep you logged in, unless the cookies are deleted every session.

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    @lamarca Not enough to KEEP you logged in unless cookies are durable.

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    @tomoz If offer to save passwords is deactivated, how do you have any passwords saved for anything?

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    @Ayespy Usually cookies have creation and expiration date. Just did a search, and found this

  • @Ayespy

    If I have a new site that I want to save, I change the setting, save the password and the next time I start the browser and change back to not save.
    Seems to me that Vivaldi is keeping those already saved but then does not add any based on my setting.

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    @tomoz Yes. That is how that should work.

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    @tomoz But then there is the question of the cookies. You can only stay logged in if Vivaldi has received a durable (good for a week or a month or whatever) cookie for that site. If it is a session only cookie or a 12-hour expiring cookie, you will have to log in the next time you visit. No browser could keep you logged in, in such a case. Now what I don't know for sure is whether switching back to "don't save" can clear logged-in cookies. If so, then even if a durable cookie such as the ones set by facebook and GMail has been set, it would be cleared before you could log in again.

    Long story short, it is up to the site how long you can stay logged in unless the browser clears or blocks cookies. If your bank sets session-only, you cannot "stay logged in" to that account no matter what you do.

  • Why isn't there any moderator to answer a solution to this problem in all same thread?

    And why Vivaldi don't fix this simple issue for years?

    So shame for the developers of this amazing browser. I searched 2 hours on web and find an answer to install old version of Vivaldi 😕

    I just want to fix this soon.

    Even it doesn't remember login on Vivaldi community.

    Mod Edit: Removed shouting.

  • @hamedghorbani
    Hi, no idea what you want to fix, Vivaldi log in on many pages I use, forums, webstores, Amazon, Ebay for example.
    The only page it does not work is my bank account and Paypal where I disable auto login.

    Cheers, mib

  • @hamedghorbani Others are not seeing the same problem.

    Please continue in your own thread rather than digging up other threads. I think the moderators suggested several reasons already why logins are not always saved.


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