Tabs Loading Slow

  • Strange but it sometimes takes a second or 2 before the tab loads. Especially in You Tube, when I click on a video the sound will come on and a second later the video starts. Can't seem to find why this happens as it does not happen in Google Chrome.

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    @mrjlpsr This can be due to interference from local 3rd party security software that does not fully trust Vivaldi and inspects every connection/negotiation before allowing it. Might you have such?

  • @Ayespy

    I don't know why I hadn't considered this, and I had nearly given up on Vivaldi with the lag, unresponsiveness, and other issues I was having(even though I really like everything about the browser otherwise). After reading this post, I checked my Avast settings and sure enough, web shield was on. I disabled it, and it is once again running at 100%. Pages now load near instantly, and everything else is without hiccup. Many thanks for the tip!!

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