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    @gaelle great updates. Thank you 🙂

  • Can we get an option to get the red theme back? No, a forum mod is a no go for me.

    If not, at least change the bg color of the unread indicator on the top nav bar, because red on blue is a huge needle for the eye.

    EDIT: Was it black? I remember it was better than this blue.

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    @Nekomajin said in Vivaldi’s forum has been updated:

    If not, at least change the bg color of the unread indicator on the top nav bar, because red on blue is a huge needle for the eye.

    Agreed, the number is hard to read on the dark blue background.

    0_1543528087228_Vivaldi Forum 01.png

    However, it is fine when highlighted.

    0_1543528107628_Vivaldi Forum 02.png

  • @Pesala
    It's not very ergonomic. And this shade of blue is too bright anyway.

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    It's fine, but there is a small bug. When accessing the forum, the numbers of new messages and notifications are not shown in the corresponding icons. It is only updated when I click on them

  • @Catweazle I noticed that too, for me the unread counter in the submenu doesn't show up at all anymore interestingly. Notifications and messages do occasionally, or when I click on them.

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    @luetage said in Vivaldi’s forum has been updated:

    @Catweazle I noticed that too, for me the unread counter in the submenu doesn't show up at all anymore interestingly. Notifications and messages do occasionally, or when I click on them.

    The funny thing is that after clicking on the icons it keeps updating correctly, it is only at the beginning when it does not.
    Well, as I said, it is not a serious and urgent thing.

  • @Catweazle

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    @Ornorm fixed now,
    thanks for reporting.

  • @gaelle said in Vivaldi’s forum has been updated:

    You can now see all your uploads by visiting ,
    and block/ignore users. You should be able to manage your personal blocklist by heading to:

    Now that I had more time to look at the new features instead of fixing stuff, I noticed a few things. The block toggle works fine, it's an interesting addition. But I can't block just anyone it seems.

    0_1543590044507_Screenshot 2018-11-30 15.54.35.png

    Also, while going to the block page worked fine the first time around, the second time I couldn't access it anymore. The links to the Blocks and Uploads page are missing from the user page dropdown menu:

    0_1543590202449_Screenshot 2018-11-30 16.03.02.png

    Don't know how to access them, besides making a bookmark on Vivaldi browser for them, or inputting the addresses directly. Non topic pages can't be bookmarked inside Vivaldi Forum.

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    @luetage the first 3 issues have been fixed.
    I'll let the designer decide what to do about the top margin and other things related to the profile page.
    Thanks for the reports.

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    Whoa.... font size of the category list and unread posts has gotten smaller since a couple hours ago. I can read them, but there may be issues for other people. Was this an intentional change?

  • Looks like notification bell doesn't work 🔔

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    @Stardust said in Vivaldi’s forum has been updated:

    Looks like notification bell doesn't work 🔔

    It's a known issue and the Dev's are working on it. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • @isak I tried to write a complete fix for this.

    /* Account + groups cover and content adjustments */
    /* centers profile avatars (avatar width with 4px borders at 136px) */
    .account .cover .avatar-wrapper {
        margin-left: -68px !important;
    /* ensures there is no difference between your personal (initialised) and other user's profiles */
    .account .initialised {
        margin-top: unset !important;
    /* shows the whole cover for profiles and groups (currently still adjusted for 100px header instead of 120px (64+56) */
    @media (min-width: 992px) {
        .account .cover, .groups.details [component="groups/cover"] {
            top: 120px !important;
    @media (max-width: 991px) {
        .account .cover, .groups.details [component="groups/cover"]  {
            top: 120px !important;
        /* brings account content up, needed because account covers are only 200px instead of 300px high at this screen size */
        .account {
            margin-top: 200px !important;
    @media (max-width: 767px) {
        .account .cover, .groups.details [component="groups/cover"] {
            top: 64px !important;
        /* adjusts for missing submenu */
        #content.container {
            margin-top: -56px;

    There is one thing I couldn't do anything about: At media widths greater than 767px but below 991px the submenu is being shown – I think it used to be hidden before. This is fine, but there is code in place that hides the vivaldi header, but the submenu stays in place. Furthermore the vivaldiheader is only pushed up 50px (original nodeBB height?), but needs -64px. This is likely also the case for media widths below 768px, but there it isn't really visible, because the submenu is hidden by default.

    0_1543679081143_Screenshot 2018-12-01 16.39.01.png

  • The Unread & Recent post pages now show each post's subject line in [for my sensibility] huuuuuuge font size. Other elements of those pages seem well-scaled to me, but not those specific fonts. Each time i try to find the code [via Inspect] controlling that font size, so i can change it in my Stylus custom css, fails... i find elements purporting to be what i want, but none of my attempts to then change the font % or px has any effect. Please, Obi Wan, show me the right code segment i can modify?

  • @Steffie The update didn't change these font sizes.

  • @luetage Whilst i can see why you might have interpreted my post as alleging that i said the update changed these font sizes, a careful re-reading of my words reveals i said no such thing. The reality is slightly more indirect:

    1. For more than a year, maybe even two years now, my view of the forum has been filtered through my [original] Stylus css.
    2. Said css reduced the target font size, hence, i "never" saw these current big fonts.
    3. Per a previous-but-recent post of mine associated with the new forum update, my Stylus css was broken by the update, or if you prefer, my original css broke the new forum [MGs & AutoScroll broke].
    4. Hence i had to switch off my original Stylus for the V forum, & "instantly" i was confronted with now-huge fonts where i indicated.
    5. My new Stylus css for the forum is successful wrt all colours i want, & some other tweaks, & of course fully-functional wrt MGs & AS, but naturally now still has the huge fonts... til i learn how to shrink them.
    6. None of the ways i've tried has worked, hence my plea for help.

    What i used to see:

    What i now see:

  • @Quinca71 said in Vivaldi’s forum has been updated:

    nothing to do with the settings of Vivaldi > Navigation (or Browsing - my Viv is into PTBr) > minimum size of fonts

    No. I have not changed this for a long time:


    See the "g" of the word "switching"

    Extremely well spotted; bravo. I'd missed that. In my new Stylus css i explicitly change the font to Lato:

    /* Change forum font style */
    body {
        font-family: "Lato" !important

    However when i then searched my original css [] for its font-family, none was set, hence i presume it simply allowed inheritance of the native Vivaldi forum page design[?]. Btw, whereas i wrote the new css [+ borrowing some sections from clever people's code pasted in this thread & another], my original one was a pastiche from an older Sprucy design, with my colour changes added; it is considerably more complex than my own new one.

    UPDATE: Yay, i stumbled across the magic; successfully added the following to my new css & it solves the problem:

    /* Steffie 2/12/18: This DOES scale V's forum "Unread" & "Recent" page fonts; i nicked the following lines... */
    a {
        color: #2c5e94;
        /*     font-size: 15px !important; */
        font-size: 88%;
    span.timeago {
        color: #b05158 !important;
    .stats {
        font-size: 14px !important;
        text-align: center;
        margin-top: 7px;
        line-height: 22px;
    .dropdown-menu {
        font-size: 11px;
    .avatar.avatar-md {
        width: 28px;
        height: 28px;
        line-height: 28px;
    /* ...from my original V Stylus css, which in turn came from me adapting the original Vivaldi Sprucy theme. */

    Thanks, @Quinca71 , it was your keen eagle-eyes that lead me to this discovery ☺

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