Can't reload while stuck in debugger

  • When the developer tools are open and the debugger stopped at a breakpoint inside a loop, it is not possible to refresh the page. The tab will stuck in debugger. Removing the breakpoint after trying to reload the page will recreate the breakpoint, so the debugger will stop there again.

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    That happens with which Vivaldi version?

    F5 and Ctrl+R works for me to reload.

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    Would be nice if you give me a precise description (step by step) to reproduce it and a testcase.

  • My Vivaldi version is: 2.1.1337.51

    I've recorded a video an uploaded it to WeTransfer.
    You can see it here.

    As you can see I've set a breakpoint inside the while (true) loop. When I enter into the loop you see the Paused on breakpoint on the right side. Now I've tried multiple times to reload the page. Every time I try to reload the right part of the developer tools is flickering. Then I've removed the breakpoint and tried reloading again, but it always jumps back into Paused on breakpoint.

    I often had to close and reopen my tab while developing, because I accidentally tried to reload the page while being in debugger.

  • also, sometimes when i'm paused at the debbuger, when i click on the tab overlay to continue nothing happens; I need to press f8.
    Then this happens (can't click to continue), the clicks don't work on other tabs (html) buttons.

    (ex. to test this for writing, the execution on a tab was paused, and i could not click to continue), so, on this tab, I could not press the reply button. I had to go to the paused tab, press f8, then come here to press reply).

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