Vivaldi and Hulu login

  • I'm a Hulu plus user. I'm testing out Vivaldi and tried to login, and experienced "Your login is invalid. Please try again." error. I've used my googlefu and found the post where adding Hulu to the panel. Then logging in there first, then logging in on the main page. However I experience the same error in the panel while trying to log in. I haven't found any other posts on this. If you need settings/specs I can provide them for you.

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  • @fizbend
    Okay so here are a bunch of questions which would be nice to have them answered:

    1.) What distro are you on and what version?
    2.) What Vivaldi version do you use? (you can look this up at vivaldi://about)
    3.) What extensions do you have installed?

    As I don't have a Hulu login I can't test this but does faking your user agent helps with the problem?
    Just install one user agent switcher from the chrome webstore, go to hulu select a different browser as which Vivaldi should mask itself and reload the hulu page afterwards. agent?hl=en-GB

    For some Moderators coming along the way: Was " VB-17402 Cannot login to" ever solved?

  • I have found the issue was with Hulu not Vivaldi. This has been corrected and I am now able to use Vivaldi to watch Hulu content. Thank you for your help and sudgestions...

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    @fizbend said in Vivaldi and Hulu login:

    I have found the issue was with Hulu not Vivaldi. This has been corrected

    Tell us, please, how did you solve your issue?

  • The issue was with my Hulu account. I called their tech support # and they reset my account after verifying my info. This took care of the bad authentication cookie I was receiving.


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