Vivaldi hangs for a period or forever, depending on its mood?

  • I'm hooked on it and do not want to change back to the old & undependable browsers!

    But Vivaldi hangs on all 3 of my Windows computer. I think the version on my raspberry pi is OK.

    It hangs worse, longer on my start pages icons and seems to work faster on the built in links.
    Sometimes for a minute, sometimes so long I have to kill it with the task manager.

    Please give me some tips to fix this!
    Thanks, Bo Barry

  • Moderator

    @bobarry Can't reproduce this in any of my many Vivaldi instances on any of my several machines.

    This makes me think it's an environmental factor local to you. Things to look at: Do you run 3rd party security software on your machines? Do you connect with the web via a proxy? Do you have prehistoric hardware? Do you run mammoth amounts of extensions, have a million bookmarks or tens of thousands of notes?

  • @bobarry Can you provide a couple of problematic site links (that consistently cause 'hanging' for you)?
    Do the pages that cause hanging do it each time they're accessed from your start page icons or only upon first-access from that page after starting the browser?
    Do the same pages that cause hanging when accessed from your startup page cause hanging if accessed via clicking on their saved bookmarks?


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