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  • @CaptainProton

    You can already use an extension for this.

  • @luetage It's ok, but still needs more work. I may get back to it once it's gone further ahead.

  • @Ayespy said in Tree Style Tab:

    It's not a matter of being stuck, but rather a matter of making up their minds whether/how they would like to approach it. There are at least four, maybe five, completely different ways to attack it - not as to user experience, but as to technical underpinnings. There are multiple ways to associate it with the UI. Dragging tabs to detach has priority at the moment, and there a several dozen other features and debugs/regressions in progress, considerations of how to avoid (in some cases cure) code bloat, etc., etc. So all I'm saying is it's a subject of conversation. No one is assigned to do anything about it ATM.

    Btw, Ayespy, has there been any movement recently regarding the TST implementation? According to this post, 10 months ago there was a discussion, so I'm quite eager to know how likely is it for this to happen now that so much time has passed! Thank you!

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    @CaptainProton There's no active attention on it in development at the moment. There is a user-introduced extension, which is continually improving, and that's all we're likely to see on that front in the near term.

    10 months - " much time..." In the time scale of browser development, especially with a small team like Vivaldi's, 10 months is very little time. 😑

  • I'd love to see some form of tab grouping. As a software engineer, I often keep several tabs open long term, but I also have a bunch of tabs opened while I'm doing research. I'd love to be able to keep a set of tabs in a group and be able to close a whole group of research tabs without worrying about them getting mixed together.

    Vivaldi already has an option to open new tabs from a link or "open in new tab" next to the parent tab. It would be awesome to either indent those or add a group separator so I can distinguish between tabs all opened from one parent tab and tabs I manually created and opened.

    It would also be awesome to restrict tab switching (CTRL+TAB) to just within a tab group (maybe CTRL+SHIFT+TAB).

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    @NiteShdw Tab stacking does not fill this need for you?

  • @Ayespy No, tab stacking doesn't because it collapses everything into one tab. There are no individual tab previews, and switching to a specific tab in a group is not easy. You have to click on a tiny little tab on top of the regular size tab.

  • Still waiting for this feature, hoping to get rid of Firefox soon... but it doesn't sound likely. 😞

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    @NiteShdw My stacked tabs have individual tab previews.

  • @An_dz said in Tree Style Tab:

    I don't understand the parts of the discussion about stacks vs tree view. Doesn't Presto Opera have both at the same time? I'm currently looking at my "Windows" panel in O12 and it's 100% a Tree view.

    ... which is definitely one of the best implementations to arrange tabs, tab groups, windows of a browser.

  • @Ayespy Definitely not. There is still VB-17414 which is a real PITA for me.

    The tab stacking solution is vastly inferior to the O12 solution and without a decent window panel (VB-1788 - vote for it :p ) it is almost impossible to manage a bigger amount of tabs in a convenient way.

    Tabs to the side is a PITA too, because pinned tabs can scroll out of view (and such I can't see e.g. notifications on the icon if something is changed) and the switches for tab stacks massively violate Fitts's Law in the vertical direction.

    Whoever thought of that solution never really used a bigger amount of tabs for a longer time.

  • Hello,

    what is the state of a Tree style tab extension on Vivaldi? I come from Firefox since they don't really support this extension anymore (it has become quite buggy and slow) and I am looking for an alternative to Firefox that would support such a plugin.

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  • Or, if you are using the snapshot: type vivaldi://experiments into the URL bar and hit enter.
    The 3rd option is a nice start (still in development - more to come)

  • @quhno Need to try this out. Can you show an example for the meantime?

  • @mau said in Tree Style Tab:

    @quhno Need to try this out. Can you show an example for the meantime?

    Just checked, it is already in the stable:

    In the screenshot you can see a pinned tab [p] and a tab group (the sub-folder)

    Yes, it it not yet finished, there are still some quirks, that's why it is "hidden" in the experiments.

  • @quhno This works quite well. Thanks!
    But as you said it's not perfect yet 🙂 Looking forward to the final version.

  • @quhno That is exactly what I needed. Thanks. I used this list of tabs in Opera 12 and in new Opera I had to use addon "V7 Tabs". Now I have this tab list in Vivaldi too.

  • That Window Panel is awesome. Thanks to the Vivaldi dev team for working on this. Since we already have an option for hiding the tab bar it's already possible to only use that panel.
    However it seems the 'new stack' option ain't working from that panel so ATM you still need to use the tab bar to organize your tabs.
    From a usability point of view I guess tab switching should be done on single click rather than double click.

  • @slion said in Tree Style Tab:

    However it seems the 'new stack' option ain't working from that panel

    It works for me. Select the tabs in the Window Panel with Ctrl+Click, and/or Ctrl+Shift+Click, then right-click and create a new tab stack from the selected tabs. Ungroup and rename also work fine.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.13.1008.21 (64-bit)


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