Window Export

  • Greetngs,
    how can I export a window (from side panel) to another machine with all tabs and groups intact

  • @iomari Why do you want to do this from the Window Panel? Just use "Save Open Tabs as Session" from the File menu.

  • 1: will that save the groups?
    2: how can I import that to another machine?

  • btw,I keep my tab bar hidden. I prefer using the window side panel. Is there any advantage to using the tab bar?

  • ok,question 1 is answered. It saves and restores the group. Now what of question 2?

  • @iomari Yes.

    1. Tab stacks and tiling are saved in sessions. If you use any tiling other than vertical, it resets to vertical tiling on reloading the session.
    2. Sync is the easiest way, but you can also copy the binary files to the other PC. See the folder: \Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Sessions
    3. Is there any benefit to hiding the Tab Bar? On windows, it does not save any space and that hides the trashcan for easily reopening closed tabs. The Windows Panel is good enough for most tasks and better than the tab bar for rearranging tab stacks.

    Is this a feature request or a support question? Should I move it to the appropriate forum? What OS are you using?

  • also, is it possible to schedule auto save tabs without intervention? Or to auto save when quitting? I know that when you exit and restart that you have the option to restore last session, but I would like a case where i have permanently saved the last session to another location.

  • I moved the thread to All Platform where others may reply with various possible solutions.

    The sessions saved when you exit and which is reloaded on restarting is updated dynamically. You can save the current tabs/windows as a session, but that session won't be updated dynamically. That's another feature request already suggested in various feature requests on Sessions.

  • Sorry for the late reply. I'm using Opensuse Leap 42.2 and kubuntu 18.04.


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