Very usefull feature (dissapear in new opera, not exist in chrome and firefox, or i dont find this)

  • Opera old version had a some nice thing, mouse and keyboard shortcut configuration, WORKING very smart ... i have a mouse with horizontal scroll (Logitech G500), click LEFT, go to page on left, click RIGH, go to page on right, configuration take minute, or less, go to config, find NEXT TAB and PREVIOUS TAB, click LMB and scroll left, again LMB and scroll right, tadam! it work ... then ... now .. not work everywhere, in Opera, in Firefox, in Chrome, in Chromium, and i try (find today this webbrowser, i like it, remember me a old old opera, ten or more years ago 🙂 Vivaldi .. not work .... is any chance to make Mouse & Keyboard shortcut configurator better than other webbrowsers? 🙂 I have mouses with 3 and more configurable buttons, i don't want even thing about configure it, just like nightmare now :-p


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