Confirm download dialog not appearing.

  • Hi,
    I've noticed as of late that when I go to download something, the confirm download (keep/reject) dialog isn't always appearing at the start of the download any more. This causes the download to hang upon completion, at which point I have to remove it, start it over, and then the dialog appears and I can grab my file.
    Is this a known issue? Is it just me? I don't see an option anywhere to disable the confirm each download setting - searching for "confirm" or "download" doesn't give me any results.
    Can anyone help me out with this?

  • @hustlebustle Settings, downloads, and enable "Always Save Files to Default Download location."

  • That setting is already checked.

  • it happened to me too, on certain sites, mostly on these which are opening separate download window.
    Currently in Vivaldi.2.2.1373.4.x64, but same problem on older versions.
    Scenario to reproduce:
    click Download
    click kitty_nocompress.exe
    after that is Donation page displayed and opened new separate Vivladi window, download starts automatically and separate window closes itself
    download never finished, because keep/reject dialog is missing, maybe due closed separate vivaldi window

  • @vankom @hustlebustle Just something that came to my mind reading vankoms post. What setting do you two have set in
    Settings --> Appearance --> in the section "Window Appearance" --> "Open Pop-Ups in Tabs" is it set to on or off for you?

  • @zaibon
    Right! Working with enabled Open Pop-Ups in Tabs. But it is workaround only. Without this is dialog missing - bug. Dialog must be visible, because question is related to downloaded file not to source page.


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