Dark reds in pictures are blue

  • Hi, I have a strange problem, my darks are blue, whenever there are reds in it - that's the case quite often. New driver, new graphic card, new calibration makes no difference. Calibrated Eizo. Not the case in Firefox, IE, Chrome. Think it's a bug in the color management of Vivaldi. See picture, hope you see it.... Please help!


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    @solneman That's very strange. One possible workaround might be to try this:

    1. Type vivaldi://flags/#force-color-profile into the address bar
    2. Select a different "Force color profile" value
    3. Restart Vivaldi

  • @lonm This helps, but with forced sRGB, colors in browser are not managed anymore by the calibrated Eizo-profile, so everything looks like oversaturated with my wide gamut screen. I want to see managed colors in Vivaldi (like in Chrome), or I have to leave vivaldi ๐Ÿ˜ž

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    @solneman Yes, a browser with calibrated monitor should show correctly.

    Wide gamut? Oh, seem to be a old bug which reappeared. I will check internl bugtracker.
    Feature request was: VB-14372 "Integrate support for wide gamut profile"

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    @gwen-dragon As i can see Wide Gamut (Adobe RGB) is not supported in Chromium 71.

  • Did some more testing: Also apears when simulating sRGB in Monitor-Hardware, wich shouldn't, because... it is sRGB in hardware... So things seem to be a little bit different. Some else having blue areas in darks?

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    @solneman Sorry, my calibrated EIZO CG210 is older and has only sRGB. Can no test with Wide Gamut.

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    @solneman Can you give me the test image?

  • Picture in first post. Left side Internet Exploder, right like it looks in Vivaldi.

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    @solneman You misunderstood, i like to have the link to original image to test it myself in Photoshop an Vivaldi ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Any results?

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    @solneman said in Dark reds in pictures are blue:

    Any results?

    Seems no person has such Wide Gamut monitor to test it.

    May be this issue is a bug.
    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • I wonder which Eizo monitor it is exactly and how the monitor was calibrated and how the monitor profile was applied (Hardware LUT or ICC) - because calibration is darn error prone.

    Apart from that:
    The blue should not happen at all, no matter if the displaying software is profile aware or not.
    If it is not profile aware, the colors should look flatter or squished but not color shift all over the places.

    Problems I see here in the mid tones (correct value | actual value):
    blue: 0, 0, 127 | 0, 21, 123
    green : 0, 127, 0 | 72, 122, 27
    cyan: 0, 127, 127 | 73, 122, 126
    red: 127, 0, 0 | 107, 26, 84
    magenta: 127, 0, 127 | 108, 35, 124
    yellow: 127, 127, 0 | 126, 123, 26
    gray: 127, 127, 127 | 126, 126, 126

    The Internet Explorer screenshot shows slightly wrong colors too, the color components are off by up to 2.

    I get to similar results if I deliberately(!) manipulate the cyan(+)-yellow(-) balance and and such drive it into clipping, which is a thing I would never do willingly. It seems like the calibration software tried to correct the colors by manipulating it and failed. Could be stray light on the sensors of the colorimeter (especially if it tries to include the environment light and assumes D65), wrong brightness setting (the max full white brightness of the monitor needs to be intense for wide gamut, unless monitor can display really dark black, which LCD monitors usually can't) some automatic feature interfering (like dynamic color or contrast correction) etc. pp. - there are a gazillion reasons why this can go wrong.

    All of that has to be taken with a small grain of salt because the image was stitched with Photoshop CS5 and saved as JPG with an Adobe RGB (1998) profile, which might lead to rounding errors, but the tendency is definitely there.

    On my full DCI-P3 capable monitor (actually AdobeRGB too with a different LUT) all of those values at bar 16 are at exact 127 and 0 values when measured on the profile-less linear Lagom test PNGs, no matter if in sRGB or P3, so I venture the guess there is something gone horribly wrong with the calibration.

  • It's a Eizo CS2420 hardware calibrated with Color Navigator 6 and EIZO EX3 colorimeter. I only have this problem in Vivaldi.

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    @solneman What version of Chrome did you test with? Did you also test a snapshot of Vivaldi with Chromium 71? Did you check and make sure the application settings for Chrome was the same as for Vivaldi in the gfx card setup? (You never mentioned what card you're using?)

  • O.k., sorry, I have to correct something: I have the same problem with Vivaldi and the newest Chrome. I don't have the described problem with Edge/IE and Firefox. My gfx card is a MSI GTX 1070. The same problem existed with a GTX 970 before.


    I installed the new ColorNavigator 7 and did a new calibration with all my targets. Now the colors are all correct in Vivaldi!

    I also found this: https://www.eizoglobal.com/support/db/faq/201?q=chrome&c=&t=&o=updated_at_desc&n=20
    Might have to do with this issue, in version 7 "reflect black level in tone curve" is deactivated by default...

    Hope this helps other Eizo users with the same problem.

    I will stay with Vivaldi now ๐Ÿ™‚


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