The MyOpera forums will be closed tomorrow

  • Vivaldi Team

    Dear friends! We spent over 10 years at MyOpera forum, but tomorrow it practically will be stopped, and on March 3 and will be removed from Opera servers. This is a very sad event. But there is solution - forums. Please, inform your friends on MyOpera about our new forum and invite all of them to continue discussions (all) here, on the [URL=][/URL] forum, created by developers team under the leadership of Jon von Tetzchner. We will keep our community and we will make it even more strong!

  • I know it's impossible, but it would be nice to have back even the browser, BTW thanks for all this! :)

  • Dear Shpankov,

    You should change the text in this regard:

    The forums will not be closed but move Incl. content (!) to another address (server).
    Opera will shut down the services mail, blog and file-hoster. The forums will be continued.

  • Indeed. The truth is: we don't know what will be kept and what will disappear. Time will tell.

  • Ma questo non sarebbe il forum italiano?!

    Ciao, Igor

  • Ciao

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