Memory leak issues

  • A search of this forum revealed no previous mention of this topic. I'm running Vivaldi on Kubuntu Linux 14.10. I abandoned Chrome because memory leaks necessitated my rebooting several times a day. I'm now having the same problem with Vivaldi. I'm running that and 3 small utilities, plus a simple editor, and my 3 Gb RAM is 2/3 full. General responsiveness is reaching the point that a reboot is about necessary. I've have the computer freshly booted and running for a little over 3 hours. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Hi, cant reproduce, I use Vivaldi daily on a 4 GB laptop.
    Did you checked if Vivaldi occupied the memory alone?

    Cheers, mib

    Opensuse 13.2/64
    CPU Intel T4200
    4 GB Ram
    GPU Intel GN 965

  • Yeah, it's Vivaldi for sure. It occupies the top 15 positions in CPU usage, and in RAM occupied, in my System Monitor window in Kubuntu.

    My CPU is running at 95% or better most of the time.

    Something about just makes it go nuts.
    Try, for example

    I'm seeing this browser become a useless piece of junk right before my eyes. With the CPU running like this, I can hardly get anything else done on the machine, and due to RAM garbage I'm about to reboot AGAIN. I don't get it. Is making a browser that works THIS hard?

    This is very puzzling to me. And the amount of time it's eating up is basically intolerable for me.

    I've been running computers of one sort or another since 1967, and have programmed in about 8 different languages. I design and run my own websites and have for years. But this browser problem has me against the wall. I just need one that works, plain and simple.

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    …. . I don't get it. Is making a browser that works THIS hard? I just need one that works, plain and simple.

    Short answer, "YES." It really is this hard.

    Writing one's own engine can be done, takes forever, and pretty much guarantees that one's browser will be ignored or discriminated against by something like half the websites on the web, or more. It's a huge labor costs for a guaranteed-negative return. If you don't have hundreds of millions to devote to the task and to absorb years of losses, it's a bad business model.

    Therefore, one has to use an existing engine, and this is fraught with all the problems and defects that are built in to such. This means that if, after MONTHS of deliberations as a knowledgeable and experienced browser-maker (such as Jon is and many of his crew are) you decide to go with Blink as your engine, you are also biting off a mouthful of defects to live with or to remedy.

    We may rest assured that to the degree Blink can be optimized, Vivaldi will do it, but it's a long, labor-intensive task.

  • Well, I've switched back to ver. for now. It was doing pretty good yesterday. Then I upgraded to vivaldi-snapshot_1.0.178.2-1_i386.deb and the fun began.

    At least now I'm not contending with a racing CPU. Yet. It may have been a webpage with some kind of scripting problem. How the hell would I know? I wouldn't. 🙂

    I'd really like to keep Vivaldi, for multiple reasons. We'll see.

  • Hi TomCloyd when I open forum and the both links you posted I get 0-2 % CPU usage and about 700 MB RAM usage.
    Even with 2 more tabs open CPU usage get back to 0 % after a few seconds if I do nothing.

    Cheers, mib

  • mib2berlin,

    Which version of VV are you using?

    I just removed all my tabs except the 6 I have pinned, and the VV forum, and my CPU got radically quiet. Memory also dropped 0.4 GiB.

    I notice that when I'm on a site with a lot of junk - videos that autorun, ads everywhere, etc., etc., things get really crazy. I don't have any extensions installed by LastPass. I'll try installing AdBlock and FlashBlock, and hope that helps.

  • I've installed the FlashControl and AdBlock extensions.

    I restarted VV, and loaded three pages that formerly had made VV go nuts - racing CPU, memory loading up, etc:


    I also loaded a number of other pages - I now have 17 tabs running. Memory usage is higher than I'd like but not mushrooming, CPU is at about 40%, with spikes. THIS is usable.

    Oh, and this: VV has not once crashed on me. Wow. THAT's a new experience. Firefox crashes 3-8 times a day for me, regardless of tabs, extensions, etc. Chrome is more stable, but has this mushrooming memory problem that makes it unusable.

    Looks like progress to me.

  • \o/, nice.
    I not often have more than 4-6 tabs open but this is my workflow.
    I use for this tests and I don´t have any extensions running.

    Cheers, mib


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