Permanent Tab Tiling

  • Hello,

    I love the tab tiling feature of Vivaldi. Definitely fits some use cases, but I see there is room for improvement.

    Imagine you are browsing and watching videos at the same time. Watching videos tab is something you want to always see, but if you browse and open a new page in a new tab, when you switch to it the tiling is lost.

    I would like to "pin" a tab in a tile, so however I switch tabs the one that is pinned should always stay in the position. Maybe this feature exists and I missed it?

    • Tiling shouldn't be bound to specific groups of tabs
    • Option "Pin to tiled location" when right clicking would be super useful

    Hope it makes sense,
    Thank you

  • This is also key to being able to stay focused on one's work.

    F.ex when working on a paper, I have a Gdoc + multiple tabs open with papers between which I have to switch. Right now, that continues being a hassle that I can only bridge by having a pinned tab to which I switch back (but can't have continuously 'tiled') by hotkeys.

    Either way: this currently cripples the potential of an otherwise truly great feature.


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