Is CalDAV supported? If so, where are the settings?

  • I would like to be able to manage my Vivaldi calendar using Thunderbird's Lightning extension (or a similar desktop calendar client). Does Vivaldi support CalDAV? If so, where can I find the settings? When I click the gear icon in the lower left of the web calendar client, and select "Show Calendar URL," the only address show is an .ics read-only URL. I searched the " and its webmail" help site and returned no mention of CalDAV at all. Any guidance would be appreciated!

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    The calendar can not be changed by CalDAV at this time.

    As is know the webmailer will be upgraded to CalDAV, but no timeline yet.

  • Yest, that would be great to have CalDAV. I use it to sync my other webmail accounts with my NextCloud server, but I would also like to set it up on my Mac computer.

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