Embedded Twitch videos don't play

  • Hi Guys,

    is it only me who's having problems playing videos since one of the last versions. It may be more than just twitch videos, but at least this is one that I can confirm.


    Here's an embedded twitch video that doesn't show up in Vivaldi. Every other browser (tried chrome, firefox, opera, edge) works fine. Found it quiet interesting that chrome and opera do work. Also, if I copy the twitch link from source code and open it in a separate tab. This does work fine.

    Here's some information about my Vivaldi. Tried installing Flash, but that didn't work either.

    Vivaldi 2.1.1337.51 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    OS Windows
    JavaScript V8
    Flash (Disabled)

    Regards, Matthias

  • @ian_fou It plays fine for me.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit build 17134.320 • Snapshot 2.2.1373.4 (64-bit)

  • @ian_fou

    Plays fine for me too on 2.2.1373.4 (32bit) win 7 (64bit)

    • What windows exactly do you use?
    • When you open this in a private window (default controls Ctrl+Shift+N) does play there?
    • Do you have any extensions installed?
    • What kind of security software do you have installed? (firewall, antivirus, etc)

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    The video you linked doesn't play for me, but that's because I have uBlock Origin installed. uBO is treating twitch as a 3rd party and is blocking it. It works if I disable it for the site. (If this is the case for you, click the uBO icon and click the big blue power button, then reload).

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    Video plays fine on Bunsenlabs.

  • @lonm I can play it with uBO active, v1.17.3rc2 and with all filter lists updated this morning.

  • Hey, thanks for all the answers. I'll try to answer it all in one:

    • My windows is Windows 10
    • Sadly it also doesn't work in a private window
    • No extensions, firewalls or other tools installed. Except the ones delivered with windows 10

    I also tried deactivating every Vivaldi setting that might block external content, but still no success. As you're all on the snapshot release. I'll try that next and come back.

    @zaibon : Yeah, they do play it like this these days. You could still use gas/pool first for a quick push 🙂

  • Okay, looks like this is fixed in 2.2.1373.4. Thanks for your help ...

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    @ian_fou said in Embedded Twitch videos don't play:

    My windows is Windows 10

    Windows 10 N?
    Did you had uninstall Windows Media Player (it is needed for codecs!)?

  • Hi Gwen-Dragon,

    sorry for the late answer. No, my windows is Windows 10 Pro and Media Player is installed. Also it did work when I opened the twitch link in a seperate window as I mentioned above. So codecs were no issue.

    Looks like it was some kind of a damaged profile, misconfigured setting or cache entry. I reinstalled the stable version yesterday and guess what? Now the stable version does work, too. The only thing I did when reinstalling was delet all browser data. I should have done that earlier. My bad!

    Thank you for your help,



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